Sunday, 6 March 2011

I Take Flight

I take flight, soaring above clouds atmospheric and metaphorical both,
Above me only sky.

I drift and dream my way over cotton wool, over whipped cream, over white candy floss,

Over smokey haze upon which my sleep-blurred eyes scarcely focus.

Sculpted, heaped, wafted, haphazardly with intent, a nebulous paradox of seeming solidity.

And then, abruptly, the vapours meet their match, lapping at the peaks that rise disdainfully above them.

Here the powdered sugar dusting the crests does little to disguise the harsh lines of the rippled rock

And scorns to sully the softer contours of scooped-out valleys.

And then the vista is again obscured,
Mere glimpses snatched of pinnacle and hollow beneath the gloaming haze.

When once again my vision clears,
Scattered towns crust the undulating landscape

And sparkling ribbons thread through patchwork fields and rumpled hills.

Dark and brooding now as I dip lower towards the shadowed lands,
Bristling with angry evergreens, sliced through by sullen, leaden waters,
Dull cloudy opal which once was gleaming sapphire.

Gone the sun's cheer, and yet for me it shines and warms me still -
For what landing better?

I softly alight and come to rest in the arms of my love.

When next I fly, I will fly with you.

I Take Flight - or how a journey from the UK to Italy can inspire poetic jottings! This post was brought to you as part of Sian's Storytelling Sundays

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Kirsty.A said...

This is beautiful

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Oh my gosh, Mel. This is beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece, all the while waiting to reach the end to see who wrote it, and it was YOU. It's SO lovely. Well done, my friend!!! xo

scrappyjacky said...

A beautiful piece of writing,Mel.

Ruth said...

A wonderful piece of writing. All the time I was reading, I was wondering who wrote it ... and it tuned out to be clever old you!

Mary B said...

Oh Mel you are a girl after my own heart. I did a poem very similar to this, though I think yours is better. Thank you so much for sharing it here.
They are beautiful photos too

Jimjams said...

Great wordsmithing there Mel - lines worth re-reading and rolling around the tongue - and a lovely ending too - you soppy thing!

Rhona said...

Beautifully written, well done Mel! xx

Kaz Hall said...

Wow that was beautiful Mel, I love how you added the photos as an extra element to your fab poem. One very talented lady x

Anonymous said...

Good to read your poem Mel. I was looking forward to reading it and it didn't disappoint. Mr Sanders would be sooo proud! A+ :-)

Great photos too.


Lesley said...

Beautiful words Mel with great photos to go with it

Lesley xx

Ginger said...

Astounding Mel... really... PS.thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog yesterday! I look forward to seeing your work :)

Denise said...

Wow x

Miriam said...

Gorgeous Mel xxx

Sian said...

Mel - you've gone all poetical! How wonderful. I hope we see more posts like this one - take flight and stretch those writing wings Mel, it suits you!

Heather said...

I too was waiting to see who the author was & was amazed to find it was you all along!! Fair play Mel :) Another string to your bow xx

furrypig said...

great photos and it looks so sunny!

Amy said...

Mel, this is nothing short of magnificent! What a beautiful poem that has been illustrated with your beautiful photos - well done :-)

Sandra said...


Melissa said...

Loved your poetic jottings & story in photos!