Monday, 7 March 2011

57 of 365

26th February: A really lovely bonus of my ArtsyCrafts workshop was that it took me to within an hour's drive of my old school-friend, CDHS :-) We don't get to see each other as often as we'd like - it had been several years, in fact - but she's one of those friends where you know you'll *always* be friends, and even when time goes by without you meeting up or chatting, you can just pick up the threads again as soon as you do get together - you know the kind of friend I mean? One of the best kinds :-) I stayed over with her on the Friday night and set off home after lunch on the Saturday, which gave us a good slot of time to catch up again. (I know you'll be reading this, my friend - it was so good to see you! xx)

Detail: Direct

NB: I took this photo while stopped at services, not while driving!!


Amy said...

Yes, the best sort of friend indeed. What I am most impressed with though, is your self portrait, photography bravery - there is no way we would have seen a shot of you like this just twelve months ago - look how far you have come!

Mary B said...

Isn't it great to have that sort of friend, I have one like that we have known each other for 40 odd years.

We are seeing a lot of you this year you have stopped hiding behind your camera good to see you blossoming out.

Gez Butterworth said...

It is always lovely to see you Mel. I feel honoured to have followed your journey via your blog for a couple of years now & it's wonderful to see you blossoming :) Your photo's & creations are always inspiring.xx
Your friend is lucky indeed. Hope you have a great week n keep blogging ;)

Sian said...

Another lovely "friend" photo :) It's becoming an (excellent) habit :)

Tracey said...

How lovely.

What a great photo of you both - I love friends like that, and it's wonderful to keep them in our lives.


Anonymous said...

@ Gez, yes I am a very lucky friend indeed!

Thanks Mel, I had a lovely time catching up too. Please let the Girl know that C can now make butterflies and dogs and is now creating a forest of trees which I have had to learn how to make... oh and he can now do frogs. I don't think he wants a girl to be able to make more than him...

CDHS :-)

The Mann Fam said...

How funny to see your navigation screen. I took a similar photo of last week (although it didn't get picked as one of my photos of the day). I love having someone direct me in my goings to new or unfamiliar places. I've named my navigator Abby after Abby Sciuto from the TV series NCIS. Abby knows everything on NCIS just like she knows how to get me from place to place on my smart phone.

PS. I think it would be a perfect idea to see Les Meserables on Broadway for your birthday. xx

Ruth said...

I agree with Amy's comments ~ so lovely to see more of you on your blog. Says she, who hardly ever appears!