Thursday, 3 February 2011

Horsey, Horsey, where have you been?

I promised a few more details of our trip last weekend - here you go :-)

We ate SO well - J is a fabulous cook! On Saturday evening we had salmon on a bed of baby leeks with a creme fraiche and tarragon sauce, served with new potatoes and king prawns (although I say 'we', I don't think I need to spell out for you that The Children didn't go for it?! They had pizza, though even that was proper, homemade pizza!) On Sunday we had a delicious roast dinner (which The Children did actually share with us, though they were selective as to which elements to include...)

We went for a walk along the river, and I particularly loved the reflections in the water :-)

We met Sian! And her lovely family! That was a BIG highlight :-)

Including Gary, of course:

We went to a museum which was full of interesting exhibits and fun interactive activities. The Girl *loved* the activity areas - she drew a self-portrait:

She also turned a thumbprint into a character to add to the 'wall of fame':

The Boy was more interested in the hieroglyphics:

Whereas The Doctor went for the masks:

Suits you, darling! ;-)

And then, thanks to a texted tip from The Small One to The Boy, we found a super duper milkshake bar! The milkshakes are made from milk and ice cream blended with a flavour of your choice. For example, if you choose banana, a banana is added to the mix. If you choose Maltesers, an entire packet of Maltesers is blended in. And so on! The Boy went for Galaxy Caramel, The Girl chose Galaxy. Oh, my - they loved them! Thank you, The Small One xx

Me? I decided to try a Turkish Delight hot chocolate. I think I had in mind my 'Options' hot chocolate at home, the lower fat version, you know? Ha! I should have known better! What I got was hot milk blended with an actual Turkish Delight bar.... Which was delicious, oh yes - just maybe not the lower fat option!!

On the Sunday we visited the Castle of Cats, looking out for all the different representations of cats in the grounds - here are a couple:

I also spotted some interesting shapes and patterns in the architecture!

The Children had a bit of fun clowning around:

And The Boy climbed high.

How high, you ask? THIS high!

Did you spy Horsey yet? Well no, not yet, I haven't given you the chance! Let's go back to that 'wall of fame' in the museum. Remember?

See, while waiting for The Girl, I had a closer look at this wall, admiring all the little characters. And I spotted - THIS:

Now, does that face look familiar to you? Who knew that Horsey frequented museums!

So yes, a very fine weekend was had by all :-)


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

You got some great photos, Mel! I loved looking at them. My favorite shot is of The Girl drawing her self portrait. Oh, and I REALLY want to visit the Castle of Cats. >^..^<

Heather said...

love the pic of The Girl and her self-portrait.
I googled Castle of Cats but all I found was references to a book of that name so please let me know where it is & put me out of my misery!!! xx

Melissa said...

What a wonderful weekend and you captured it so perfectly in photos! I absolutely love the photo of The Girl and her self portrait, a great shot.

Lizzie said...

Looks like a wonderful time! I love all the photos and the story was told so well - very exciting! The bit about Horsey was a good happy ending!

debs14 said...

They seek him here,
They seek him there
That crafty Horsey
Gets everywhere!

Great pictures! Where was the castle?

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

That cat castle looks cool!

Beverly said...

Great weekend wrap up, ya'll certainly fit alot in :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend, and you got some great photos to document it. Love the architectural one.

Scrappi Sandi said...

That was a fascinating trip! I really want to visit the castle of fab is that?!! We have a branch of that milkshape shop here but it doesn't appeal to me so i avoid those calories...I'd rather just eat the maltesers!!!!
Love that thumbprint wall of fame & the Girls addition! TFS x

Kristin said...

What and absolutely wonderful trip! I adore the horsey and that low cal (NOT!) hot chocolate looks really really good! As usual, lovely pictures to capture the moments.

alexa said...

A great read, with wonderful photos! So glad you enjoyed it all - I am going to try that Turkish Delight recipe. And relieved you have found evidence of Horsey - I'm getting worried...

Maria Ontiveros said...

This is the second time in three days that I've seen thumb print art. It's starting to call to me!

Sian said...

Oh, Look! There's Gary!

Sadly, no one in this house including Horsey is artistic enough to sign their names in such a striking way. If only we were!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've never heard of the Castle of Cats - could we know it by another name?

Unknown said...

How fun! I want to go to the Castle of Cats, and have a lovely, full-on ice cream milkshake. That's the ONLY way to drink 'em! :)

Mary B said...

Fantastic w/e indeed.
Love the idea of the thumbprint hall of fame.
The staircase is a great feature and you got a very good angle on it
I'd love to visit the Castle of Cats too (I adore cats real live one and my real ornaments and cuddly ones as well)
Those milkshakes sound delicious, I often make myself a banana one like that but have never tried a hot chocolate one will have to give it a go some time
Would love to know where the Castle of Cats is situated.