Saturday, 19 February 2011

41 of 365

10th February: Once a week I teach handwriting to a Year 5 class. Any one who's seen my actual handwriting is probably laughing now! But it's easy enough, as there's a scheme to follow, and by the age of 10 they're mostly practising and developing their own style anyway. It's always interesting to see the suggested activities in the book - as well as practising handwriting, the children check their understanding of the correct use of the apostrophe, they think of synonyms of different words, they get to try out ornate forms of drawing letters for presentation, and so on. On this day we were looking at word families with the same 'root'.

Detail: Suds


jillconyers said...

Once again your capturing the year wonderfully. I enjoy seeing your perspective on life :)

Mary B said...

What a good idea and what beautiful writing