Saturday, 1 January 2011

357 of 365

One of our Christmas traditions is to go for a walk round our neighbourhood to admire all the Christmas lights on display :-)

I had some dried cherries left over from my truffle making - they made for a good snack that day!


debs14 said...

Can't believe there are only 8 days of this project to go - how can a year fly by so fast?!
But you are going to have so much time on your hands now - what's the next project you have in mind?

Larissa said...

Hi - thanks for your comment. If you ever need any help or tips on crochet, feel free to e-mail me! There's also a good site you could visit which has loads of tips for learning crochet - look up 'meet me at mike's' on Google. Happy New Year!

Rachel Brett said...

That's a very pretty tree and what a lovely tradition :)