Thursday, 2 December 2010

Weekly Wordle: 48 of 52

Yes, my friends, that really does say '48 of 52'. Where did 2010 go?!

How are you all? I'm FINALLY feeling better (thank goodness) though still quite tired, but what with The Doctor's birthday yesterday - and we're going out tonight to celebrate it - I still haven't caught up on your blogs. Sorry once again, I'm aware that it's nearly a month now since I visited some of you, and while I am blogging without obligation I miss you guys and I would never have willingly neglected you so long! I'm hoping for some catch-up time this weekend. Looking forward to it :-)

Meanwhile, as this Wordle says, I just love JYC, it's my favourite class! I'm taking time this year to remember all our December traditions by scrapping and journaling. Unfortunately actual work has intruded today, though I'm hoping that a Winter Weather journaling post might actually happen later, if I can squeeze it in before going out!


JO SOWERBY said...

we love u anyway mel. life can be busy at this time of year and with the doctors birthday it's important to make certain priorities. hope u have a gr8 time,
Jo xxx

Anonymous said...

Hiya Mel,
Have just found your blog through the JYC forum. Love your first page & love the wordle :)

If you don't mind me asking where did you download the number tags from - they're fab!


humel said...

Aw, thanks Kat! :-)

I made the number tags myself using a base tag which was a free download during a blog hop some time ago (sadly no longer available or I'd provide a link) then I added numbers from a simple alpha, recoloured and with an added bevel and slight shadow for interest, with the name of the month from an Ali Edwards month checklist from Designer Digitals. I hope that helps, and thanks for your kind words x

Melissa said...

Love your weekly Wordles! So glad you're on the mend!