Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Still To Do...

  • Food shopping
  • Visit The Mother
  • Get The Girl's hair cut
  • Clean out The New Hamster
  • Change bedding
  • Do washing
  • Defrost pastry
  • JYC page
  • Blog post
  • Tidy and clean
  • Put washing away
  • Bake mince pies
  • Make jelly layer of trifle
  • Cook filling for lentil plait
  • Bake mincemeat cake
  • Make lentil plait
  • Look up phone number of washing machine repair guy
  • Research price of new washing machine
  • Do Weekly Wordle
  • JYC page
  • Blog post
  • Defrost sticky toffee pudding
  • Decorate Yule log
  • Make custard layer of trifle
  • Defrost pigs in blankets
  • Prepare vegetables
  • Make stuffing
  • Attend Christmas Eve carol service
  • Cook turkey
  • Leave treats for Santa and reindeer
  • Hang stockings
  • Charge camera
  • JYC page
  • Blog post

  • Fill stockings
  • Arrange gifts under the Christmas tree
  • Try not to wake up too early - oops, fail!
  • Enjoy the day!


Sian said...

Yes, I'm putting ENJOY in big capitals at the bottom of my list - though really it should probably go at the top, now I think about it :)

Cheri said...

Thanks Mel - I feel so much better - my "still to do" list is nowhere near the length of yours! :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I love how you prop up your scrapbooking pages with the easel to take pictures. I may have to borrow that idea! Good luck getting your list done!

debs14 said...

I was inspired by your post yesterday when all was calm, all was bright - and today I am well on top of things. Freezer filling up nicely (we have Sticky Toffee Pudding as a xmas pud alternative too!) and so long as I don't forget to defrost anything we should be good to go! The good thing about a long list is the feeling you get when you tick things off and it gets shorter ;-)
Fa la la la la, la la la la

Latharia said...

Oh, this is so so so cute! I am a couple of days behind ... but if I catch up, I may steal it, ruthlessly!!!!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I have a bit of laundry to do today, too, and then need to pack up for our trip south tomorrow. But I"m feeling in pretty good stead generally.

scrappyjacky said...

I'm with Sian on the ENJOY list is shortening all the I'm feeling fairly chilled.

Mary B said...

Definitely like the idea of the last thing on your list
I am sure that you will enjoy the day.

Kirsty.A said...

Good luck with all that

Scrappi Sandi said...

May I say how delish those mince pies you make your own mincemeat? I love the idea of sponge topped ones Mum used to sponge top jam tarts, adding almond essence to the sponge mix & then drizzling white icing over the top to make mini bakewell tarts...mmm that takes me back to Sunday teatimes of childhood!! Your list of things still to do all looks as if it leads to one ultimate end...a thoroughly enjoyable go ENJOY! ♥

JO SOWERBY said...

i have been on a mammoth sho today so i have got most everything now. just need my mum to bring over some extra. i have wrapping, cooking, baking and a friend's visit to do. most importantly, i have sent flowers to my firend whose mum passed away and to my parents to say i love, awwww
Jo xxxx

Amy said...

Well, at least you have the fun things left to do - always good to get the dirty cleaning jobs out of the way early in the week!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

thats a lot of cooking!

I just need to wrap gifts still. I wanted to get a hair cut but snow prevented that last week & I can't take the boys with me so it'll have to wait until after jan 3

Linda said...

Cute JYC page :)

Jimjams said...

Love it! Glad to see that there's plenty crossed off and Siân's right "ENJOY" should be in there and possibly "RELAX"!