Monday, 29 November 2010

Scrap Your Day 10 of 12: the day

And on 25th October...

It was half term so I managed to get a lie in, bonus! When I got up the first job was to put away all the kitchen stuff that had been washed up or put through the dishwasher:

And then I put some washing on before having a well-earned cup of tea!

Then I mixed up a vanilla yogurt cake before having some rice crispies for my breakfast.

We were going to the cinema later so I popped some corn in readiness, then had a coffee.

Currently reading: the first Harry Potter! I like to read through the series before each new film comes out, and now we're near the end of the series it can be difficult to judge how long I'll need! As it turned out, I was very short of reading time over the next few weeks so I only just managed to get to the end of book 6 the night before the film...

After a bit of reading, the True Stories prompt arrived and I did a bit of writing!

I packed up some popcorn then had my lunch of a chicken and bacon salad, a coffee, an apple, kiwi and lime smoothie and some apple and grapes:

Over lunch I caught up on a few blogs, then after that I put the dishwasher on and had a piece of the cake as quality control ;-)

And then The Children and I went out! First job was to top up the petrol:

We went to see Despicable Me at the cinema. Very silly!! The Children loved it, and I enjoyed it well enough - there were some clever jokes in there for adults, and it was quite a sweet and heart-warming story :-) And then after the film, we put the car through the carwash.

Back home, and time to start cooking dinner! I made a bacon and leek risotto for me and The Doctor:

While it was in the oven, I had a cup of tea and read my Bible passage for the day, then phoned our wine club to find out why we'd been overcharged (again *sigh!*)

I decided to add a shredded chicken breast to the risotto, and we had a lovely glass of wine to go with it (no longer overpriced after the wine club agreed a refund!)

After dinner I munched through a packet of mini Party Ring biscuits in front of the episode of Downton Abbey I'd taped the day before:

Then I pur another load of washing on and folded the load that had dried earlier.

Supper was a mug of Maltesers hot chocolate and a slice of buttered toast, and then it was time to heat up my wheat pack and head up to bed!


Ruth said...

Just reading this post has left me worn out! x

Amy said...

A 9am sleep in!!!!! My goodness, we are not at that stage yet in our household - I can only dream :-)

Rachel Brett said...

Another busy day Mel!

I have left you a blog award on my blog x

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

That's a lot of good food! What is that tv show about?

Anonymous said...

At my age, sleeping til nine would be such an event! The older I get the harder it is to stay asleep, but I do remember those days. You had another one of your amazing days, Mel!

Miriam said...

Like Ruth, I am exhausted just reading about your day!
I love how you take a picture of everything! x

Heather said...

busy busy busy!!!
ermmm...... maltesers hot chocolate?? Ive gotta try it !! lol xx

Gez Butterworth said...

Super, super photos.. the soup sounds & looks delicious & ice rings too.. my fav. I'm curious to wonder tho have you borrowed Minerva McGonagall's time turner??

Keep warm Mel. Good luck & have fun with JYC2010.xx