Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Ifs, and an offer

IF... I hadn't had glandular fever during my first year at university, I wouldn't have missed two terms' worth of work.

IF... I hadn't missed two terms' worth of work, I wouldn't have had to repeat the first year.

IF... I hadn't had to repeat the first year, I wouldn't have gone back into halls of residence, I'd have shared a student house with other second year students.

IF... I hadn't gone back into halls of residence, I wouldn't have met The Doctor.

IF... I hadn't met The Doctor, I wouldn't have fallen in love with him, become a Christian through knowing him, and married him 4 years later.

I don't really do 'What if...?', other than perhaps a brief twinge of regret that I missed that sale or chose the wrong route to work or got so engrossed in reading your blog that I burnt dinner (again). But 'If...' is different. And that glandular fever was a pretty major 'If...' in my life!

Here's another, slightly less major 'If...'

IF... I hadn't spotted a voucher code in the newspaper, I wouldn't have signed up to receive a free snack box from graze.

IF... I hadn't signed up, I wouldn't have discovered how delicious they are and wanted to recommend them to you!

UK friends, I'd be recommending this company to you anyway, because I was impressed by the quality and the customer service. The idea is that they send a box of four individually sealed snack packs to any UK address, once a week. The snacks are designed to be healthier alternatives to muffins and biscuits, so a lot of people have their box delivered to a work address for those snack attacks during the working day! And boxes fit through the letterbox so you don't even need to be in to receive them.

There are lots of different combinations of fruits, seeds and nuts, plus some other treats such as flapjacks or mini focaccia, crackers or olives. You can grade the different products according to your taste (so, for example, I 'binned' all the snacks containing nuts) and after every box you receive you can quickly and easily grade those particular items so that you can ensure you get more of the foods you like best, and none of those you dislike.

The snacks are free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives, and much of the food is organic. If your main concern is to find healthy snacks, you can choose the 'nutrition plan'; if you don't mind including little treats such as flapjacks, then the 'nibble box' picks from the entire range of snacks available.

My first box included the 'apple strudel' mix - apple rings, cranberries and apricots - which was absolutely delicious! I also got to try some pineapple rings, honeycomb flapjack and one of the focaccia varieties.

But, here's the thing. I'd be singing the praises of this company to everyone who lives in the UK anyway! Even better though, they've given me a voucher code so that you too can try a free box, and get a second box for half price. Yes, there's something in it for me - if anyone uses this code, I'll get £1 off my next box - but I promise you that I'd be recommending them even if I got nothing out of it myself! And if no-one uses the code, that's fine :-)

The email warned me that the offer was available for a limited time, but it didn't give me a specific date as a deadline, so I don't know when the code will expire. But here it is for anyone who'd like to try one of these free snack boxes:


Just go to http://www.graze.com/ to find out more and to sign up :-)

PS If the code doesn't work it might be worth trying ZJQ7MYF - omitting the N on the end


Cheri said...

How I met my husband is also a big series of If's starting with "if I hadn't been fired from that job..."

Cheryl said...

I like you what if's Mel. The graze boxes are excelent I have been getting them for months and would recommend them to anyone x

Maria Ontiveros said...

Still working on the if prompt. For me it triggered really BIG stories for which I need a bit more time.

alexa said...

Gosh, yes, that first one is a big 'if' ... and set you off on a whole different path! Glad it's turned out so well and that you happily grazing your way through life. :)

Scrappi Sandi said...

I'm playing catch-up!! You are really getting so much out of 'True Stories'...I'm loving what it has prompted you to create so far...I'm scribbling but haven't got around to creating yet...too busy with other projects at the mo!! That Toffee Yoghurt cake looks 'To Die For'!!! I must check out the recipe!! Thanks so much for the heads up on the Pumpkin Cupcake recipe over at Shimelle's...I'll be having a go on Thursday!!

emhowl said...

We got free Graze boxes as a really wonderful Christmas present - and get them monthly now. The box itself is useful for posting or cutting up. I did a page on them in the 121 Art Journal swap I'm in.

I don't do What Ifs either but I'm glad for what you've got (and me too).

Ruth said...

I love the stort of your 'if', I'm thinking of something for DS, a sort of 'how to survive' being a child, using the prompt example as my guide.
I'll be checking out graze ~ both DH and I snack on the wrong things!

furrypig said...

THANKS FOR THE GRAZE CODE i HAVE SIGNED UP whoops excuse caps! Will let you know what I think of my box! xxx PS My wedding speech was all about 'if'

Beverly said...

Love the IFs sequence. Things I thought were devastating when they happened helped lead me to dh so I know where you're coming from :)

Sarah said...

Brilliant IFs.

I can sympathise with Cheri. I met my ex after losing a job too.

Thanks for passing on the Graze info. I've signed up and have passed the info onto my sister who loves that sort of thing xx

Anonymous said...

I love your What ifs, it made me think of some more of my own so I will be adding to my journal entry! Thanks!

melissa said...

I love how your ifs all relate to each other. Its' neat to see the progression of events!

Gez Butterworth said...

awe, Blogger deleted my comment :( ggrr!
What a big IF Mel & you met the Doc! I was 6 months pregnant when I caught GF, not nice.
Love your new hair cut btw.. hope you are having a nice week. Hugs, Gez.xx

Rachel Brett said...

I love your 'what ifs', Im still playing catch up too! :)

Pippa Gore (pjbear) said...

Thanks for the Graze code, it gave me my 1st box free then the 2nd one half price, brilliant

Miriam said...

Thanks for the code for graze, I signed up too. x :)

rachh2008 said...

Great if's! I've signed up too - thanks for the code!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I have a problem with IFs. This prompt is challenging me.

Those graze boxes look interesting