Monday, 29 November 2010

323 of 365

Harry Potter. The film of the first part of the final book. The Mother and I went to the earliest possible showing on the day of release! And it was pretty darn good :-)

That evening, The Doctor and I went out for a meal with friends; I had a delicious goat's cheese salad as my starter:


Amy said...

I really have to get out and see HP!
Yummo Mel - what a delicious looking starter :-)

Cheri said...

Love the photo of the movie poster with the reflection of your surroundings in the window!

Tracey said...

I'm still to read the last Harry Potter book ... so I shall have to do that before seeing the movie (I'm glad to hear the first half is good!).

Lizzie said...

Harry Potter - I so want to see this! It sounds great.

You do eat the nicest food... I'm allowed goats' cheese, so perhaps I could try a goats' cheese salad too. Yum!

Rachel Brett said...

I'm reading these in the order that you posted them and I still can't wait ;)