Monday, 4 October 2010

If you squint you can just about see them - some tiny pages to share :-)

Before I forget, a couple of people have asked about when we'll find out which school The Boy has been allocated a place in. Not till 2nd March 2011!! So I shall *try* to put it out of my mind till then.... But I'll keep you informed when the time comes, and thank you so much for your good wishes and support xx (Unfortunately though Deb I don't think even cupcakes will help, but thanks for the suggestion!)

I've been working on some more of my teeny tiny paper pages for LSNED, and here's the next batch to show you :-) I'm still going with the idea of creating a background suggested by the lesson, so I'll include a few words to explain that inspiration (because chances are it won't be clear otherwise lol...) You can click on any photo to see it at a larger size:

The shopping trip to Costco suggested a shopping trolley. I toyed with idea of using wire or thread to create it but in the end just drew it on! It's quite liberating to draw straight onto a photo....

And the background of that is crumpled because it's the other side of my ironing page; for that I've contrasted the creased cardstock with the neatly drawn straight lines.

For the page about my gorgeous necklace from Jess I used a piece of chain trimmed from the original (the chain was slightly too long for me) to hang the photo; the chain is stitched into place at the top but I haven't adhered the photo to the page so it swings loose.

The photo for my free gift page is cunningly placed to hide the back of the stitches!! And I wrapped it in a scrap of ribbon to look as much like a gift as possible :-)

For my page about friendship bracelets I used some scraps of the embroidery thread to knot a simple little length - which is strategically placed to hide a blot on the photo (why would my printer do that??? Why???)

And for my lie-in, I just added a border of 'zzzzzz's round the edge and wrote my lesson inside a thought bubble as if it's a dream.... (I also used the photo from the day before, but as the lesson was the same I figured it didn't matter!)

And then my wedding ring page :-) I still seem to be able to wear the new ring, no nasty flare-up eczema yet, thank goodness - keep your (ring) fingers crossed that continues! For this I used an ink pad to get very messy and create a handprint. The tiny straight line under the photo is actually the print of the ring itself :-)

Yes, ink got everywhere.... Please ignore the smudge on the schools page! The idea here was to keep it very plain and simple, because in some ways our decision is now plain and simple. We know which school we want The Boy to go to. Now we just have to wait and see if he gets a place.

I went for higgledy-piggledy writing for my glasses page to represent the fact that my glasses had often been crooked because of the loose hinge!

A scrap of notepaper for the recipe page reminds me of the scraps of notepaper I often use to jot down recipes (at least until I decide whether to include them on my recipe blog...)

And then the last page for now is the one about meeting up with the lovely Clair :-) I'd had another idea for this one but I forgot about it when doing the page last night so I just journaled in the shape of a heart and added some heart-shaped scrolls - but that links it so nicely to the page I did for the 15th, halfway through the project, where I journaled in the shape of a heart to talk about spending time with The Doctor - happy accident indeed!

I do have my closing page to share, too (even though I haven't actually done all the album pages yet!) but I figured that deserved its own post - look out for it tomorrow :-)

This is my post for the 4th day of Blogtoberfest - 4 days and still on track!


Sian said...

I love your teeny tiny pages, anf your teeny tiny easel you are displaying them on. Small is smashing!!

Anonymous said...

Super creative pages, Mel--love them!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Nice job! I think the handprint is my favorite.

scrappyjacky said...

The tiny pages are great,Mel...quite graphic.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Just catching up! Love your tiny LSNED pages! You are sooo ahead of me...I will probably wind up in time for the start of JYC!!!

The Creative Beast said...

these are great pages Mel! you've been very creative in problem solving when things have gotten smudged =-)

Amy said...

Mel, your LSNED is turning out beautifully - I love it!

furrypig said...

Loving the simplicity of your LSNED pages will be great to look back on in a years time xxx

Clair said...

I love, love th shopping trolley idea. That's awesome!

Rachel Brett said...

Love your pages Mel, the handprint one is my favourite too :)