Thursday, 7 October 2010

Drat and drabbit it!!

Internet woes :-( We've had no internet access since the weekend - and oh boy, do I miss it!!

I'd set up autoposts for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, and my Project 365 photos are usually stacked up a week or so ahead, so my blog has appeared to be running as normal - and luckily I can receive my emails on my phone, so I've been able to read your lovely comments, thank you - but I haven't been able to visit your lovely blogs, boo :-( And this comes when I was already really behind with a lot of blogs - I'd only managed to catch up with about half of them by last weekend as it was!

I've cobbled together a spot of internet access now to pay a couple of bills online, create my Wordle (which is now set to autopost tomorrow) and to leave you this message: Sorry I've been neglecting you, but I hope to have this sorted out soon and I look forward to catching up xxx

This is my post for the 7th day of Blogtoberfest - 7 days and still on track, by the skin of my teeth!


The Creative Beast said...

Good for you for your determination to keep blogging daily even in the face of technological difficulties!! You are so awesome Mel!

I love having the ability to set up a post in advance - it really comes in handy when leaving town for the weekend as I'm about to do tomorrow =-)

Cheri said...

Internet woes are the worst! I get very cranky without my daily fix. Hope you are up and running soon!

debs14 said...

We'll forgive you! But boy you have a lot of catching up to do!

Rachel Brett said...

It's nice to have you back officially Mel, glad your internet is working again. It was horrible when our router broke and we didn't have internet for a week so I know how you feel :)

Amy said...

Oh it is such a pain isn't it? We are in and out with access at the moment too due to a much needed upgrade .... which will be eventually sorted - I hope!

Linda said...

What did we ever do before internet? We wouldn't have known about you or others on the net.

Glad there's the internet.

jillconyers said...

Not much computer time this week so I'm playing catch up this morning.

Looks like your class is going great and of course I enjoy following your P365. Now I'm intrigued by the autoposts option for blogging. I wonder if Typepad offers this?

Have a great weekend and I hope your internet woes come to an end.

Anonymous said...

For some reason recently, I've been thinking a lot about the internet and how important its become to me. I learn so much and feel such a sense of connection with so many people all over the world because of it. (I also find your blogging organization amazing--mine is really day to day--and thus not anywhere near as consistent. It is really hard to catch up when you've been away. Thanks for all the catch-up comments on my blog yesterday! :-)