Saturday, 25 September 2010

Weekly Wordle: 38 of 365

Slightly late posting this because of the LSNED posts, but this is the Wordle for the week up to Thursday. I'm pleased to see forecast enough Holtz's, and slightly surprised by today horrible work, because actually I had a really good day at work on Thursday! It may indeed be true that my camera [is] going, and salad? Better stuffing.... And yes, I'd say that a cocktail [is] possible :-) Fortunately I don't have any ridiculous glasses, which is just as well as it appears they make [you] feel older? Wouldn't want that, now, would we? And I was so thrilled that busy Mario was able to take [a] little time to make sure I'd get [a] message yesterday (well, it was yesterday at the time of creating this Wordle, so that works for me...)

This Wordle seems a bit more random than most, somehow!!


Clair said...

Umbrella preparing is a must at this time of year :)

Rachel Brett said...

Random is good though! :)