Friday, 3 September 2010

Timetables and self-portrait angst

What I learnt on 2nd September:
  • My teaching timetable for this term! And I'm happy with it :-)
  • Meetings always, but always, overrun...
  • My performance management targets (and that I passed last year's with flying colours, yay!)
  • I'm going to be teaching some ICT this year
  • There are some *very* useful ICT resources on this site
  • I really should have worn sunscreen yesterday
  • Watermelon doesn't travel too well
  • My nails are easily broken :-(
  • It's so hard to get a photo of me that I like, even when I have a good idea inspired by some really cute photos by Christina. Looks like that self-portrait angst isn't going away...
  • Being a parent is sometimes not easy
  • Being a daughter-in-law is sometimes not easy
  • Calpol is wonderful stuff
  • To see my name mentioned on someone's blog gives me such a thrill. When that person has been kind enough to say lovely things about me, it touches my heart. Thank you, Cheri xx
  • The Boy needs a haircut before he goes back to school!
  • It's much tidier now - and keeping it a bit longer does suit him
  • People are so kind and say such lovely things and it makes your day! Thank you, Ruth (who directly prompted this thought) and thank you everyone who leaves comments for me, it means a lot xx
  • Don't assume that, because you got lots of school stuff ready right at the beginning of the holiday, you did everything
  • Don't leave it till the night before to pack up the PE kits ready for school
I'm not sure yet which of these I'll go with for my lesson of the day, but as I can't paper scrap it yet (not till I have enough photos to print) and I can't digi scrap it yet (not till the digi templates are ready - Shimelle's been having trouble getting the downloads onto the site) I guess I can defer the decision a little longer!

Meanwhile, I made my digi title page using the template that was ready for download:


Tammy said...

Love your cover page!!

Ruth said...

Now who is being kind?! I agree completely that it isn't always easy being a parent (check out my morning!) or a daughter-in-law ~ they are works in progress!
Oh, and that is a stunning cover page! x

Clair said...

Self-portraits are much easier if you invest in a remote (not very expensive.) But I happen to like these - and I love the bunches. Super cute x

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great title page Mel! I've got a great (easy) teaching schedule this fall; now I just have to learn how to get the most out of it.

Liberty :) said...

lovely page missis!

scrappyjacky said...

Some interesting lessons,Mel...and am pleased your teaching timetable is what you wanted.

JO SOWERBY said...

i nlove reading all ur funny and poignant points and i agree it is lovely when someone recognises ur worth. glad the timetable is ok and u passed ur targets.
loving ur self-portraits, i dont think u have to see the whole of ur face, ur eyes says it all...........twinkly.
Jo xxxx

Mary B said...

Love that photo on your title page.
love how you seem to learn so much each day.
your blog makes interesting and enjoyable reading keep it up I love coming in here.

Nancy said...

Love digi pages

I agree a hundred percent with it does not matter how much you did at the beginning of the summer you never did everything.....this is kind of where my lesson came from for today,

You look lovely in your self portraits too.


Anonymous said...

Your cover page is perfect, and I love your list! One of the things learned on my list reads: "Parenting doesn't get easier." Being a parent of adults can be just as stressful as being a parent of young ones. Bigger children=bigger problems.

Cheri said...

Wow Mel - that is a lot of learning in one day! Put the angst away, your self-portrait turned out great and the way you combined it with your cover page - is FABULOUS!

Amy said...

Mel this is such a lovely and thoughtful post :-) I was saying on Rinda's blog that I like this class because of all the little things you begin to take notice of and how it sparks creativity.
Being a parent is a challenge and yes, so is being a DIL sometimes!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Love your cover page.

I've gotten much more relaxed about self portraits than I had been since I am taking one every month this year. A remote & a tripod are great things!

sharyncarlson said...

Cheers to lots and lots of learning! Love your cover page and self portrait!