Monday, 6 September 2010

Time, Tesco and toasted muffins

So, what did 5th September teach me?
  • Oh, I love a lie in :-)
  • A long, uninterrupted shower can be bliss
  • I'm SO lucky to have my The Doctor xx
  • I have a chicken pox scar on my chest! I never noticed it before!
  • The Girl needs to learn to control her temper
  • Something unexpected in church (such as a tug-of-war!) can liven up a service no end
  • I NEED A HAIRCUT!! So badly!!
  • Oops, the SatNav is still in my handbag...
  • Hooray, the Sunday Club photocopying has been done, I don't have to try to fit it into my busy week :-)
  • Sometimes people are aware that things are hard for you and they're looking out for you even if you don't realise it at the time. And when (if) you do find out, it's heartwarming :-)
  • Mmmmmm, I'll make that salad again!
  • The PC's playing up :-(
  • A Sunday afternoon at the very beginning of a new school year and the last day of a special offer is not the best time to go to Tesco...
  • Check receipts! (I got charged twice for an item - lucky I checked before leaving the shop!)
  • There's not enough time today...
  • Despite all my good resolutions, despite the inspiration of this post, I will still keep ending up leaving my teaching preparation till the night before. One day I hope to learn the joy of completing it earlier.

  • Hooray, my screengrab idea worked!

  • I can get very behind with my blog reading in a short space of time...

  • Digi scrapping is a good way to wind down

  • Toasted (English) muffins are especially yummy when someone has prepared them for you!

  • Don't leave it till 11pm before making the packed lunches

  • If your head is buzzing and you can't sleep, try getting up and doing a couple of the things on your mind - or at least writing them down

  • Nope. Still can't sleep :-(
No page yet for yesterday's lesson, but here's my page for September 4th:

I couldn't decide whether to go with this lesson or the one about leftover curry, but then it dawned on me that by doing two versions of this project (not to mention the blog version, ahem) I have the opportunity to scrap two different lessons if I want to! :-)


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the way you cropped the picture of the girl cooking.

Anonymous said...

I'm LOL'ing at your thoughts! Agree with them wholeheartedly....:D

PS Check my blog post for today for a little 'recognition' :)

Scrappi Sandi said...

I loved that LO when I saw it in the forum, but I so enjoyed reading the list you had to choose from...carry on this way & you'll have a whole years worth of lessons to scrap!!

SarahLP said...

Love your bullet point lists!! That salad looks yum.. and I love your appreciation of The Doctor. I am much appreciating my hubby too, lately.. which will possibly crop up on a page soon!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, you're too kind! Sxx

Amy said...

Mel I'm finding that I'm using my favourite or what I consider to be my best picture of the day and then I'm digi scrapping many of the others with the other stories and lessons of the day. Last year I found September to be a really productive month scrap wise and it wopuld seem as though the same is happening again! Go LSNED!

Take things easy my friend, you will settle into the new routine soon enough :-)

Anonymous said...

I ALWAYS left the school work to the last possible moment on that last weekend before the new year began. I am starting my third year of retirement and this is the first one where I wasn't so totally aware of not having to go back to school. I guess I'm finally settling in. Another great layout.

nancy said...

Wow! You learned a lot. Great page.

Clair said...

As you can tell, I'm not sleeping tonight! What's up with our routines?

Really looking forward to seeing both your versions all neatly put together at the end of the project x

Mary B said...

Mel I really love your list, so many to choose from I wonder which one you will select. :D

Rachel Brett said...

Great lessons Mel, I am the same when it cones to my planning for teaching. It always ends up the night before!!!!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great bunch of lessons today!