Saturday, 4 September 2010

Punchlines, petrol and people

On 3rd September I had another busy day of learning!
  • Getting up 5 minutes earlier makes such a difference (though I don't expect to apply this lesson to too many days, I love my bed too much in the morning!)
  • I haven't missed the whole get-the-kids-up-and-dressed-and-breakfasted-and-to-school-on-time-without-any-of-us-killing-each-other thing (but see lesson 1)
  • Sometimes life itself has the perfect timing and provides the punchline! (As we pulled out of our road I was saying to The Children that I hadn't missed battling my way through traffic every school morning - and the main road was completely clear of vehicles at that moment!)
  • I will actually miss these small people, you know
  • Eek, need to get petrol before taking The Doctor's Parents to the train station!
  • How to turn a drama into a crisis
  • It's nice to have visitors, but it's also nice when they leave and you have home back
  • I don't mind long drives by myself as long as I have the radio on loud
  • Perspective. A dear friend had some bad news today. Thinking of you, hun xxx
  • The value of friendship
  • It's good to catch up with people at the school gate, and I've missed it
  • The Children have settled in well and had a great first day back at school
  • The first five digi templates ARE available for download on the forum!! How did I miss them?! *doh!*
  • Gosh, this new Indian delivery place is fast
  • And the food from there is YUM!
  • There are 13 months of qualifying for the World Cup???
  • A good put-down if someone tells a long, boring story: 'Who's playing you in the film?' (Not that I could ever say this. I'd be too worried about hurting someone's feelings. It's a funny line, though)
  • The dates of the open evenings for all the local secondary schools (it's become frighteningly relevant!)
  • There's a great free website offering ICT training, including touch typing
  • It's so good to sleep in our own bed again! (We've had the sofa bed while The Doctor's Parents were staying)
And having found the digi templates, I was able to make my page for Day 3:


Gez Butterworth said...

Great learning. Fabby digi pages. Not looking forward to the 1st day back school run on Monday!! Kinda got used to the lazy routine!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love your pictures today! I especially love the one of both of their feet together. Will you scrap that one, too?
Sooo funny about the cup qualifying! Noticed the England game on the TV feed and wondered what was going on.

Cheri said...

Love the day 3 layout - just their feet... how cool!

Anonymous said...

And indeed you will! Great photo for the layout.

Amy said...

A great day Mel - so glad you have your bed back now :-)

Sian said...

Best of luck with the new school year! We actually play who would play you in a film as a game - a certain very tall lad I know decided Ashton Kutcher might work for him :)

Denise said...

I love the way you've done this,it's nice to document these days and wish I'd have had this hobby when mine were smaller x

scrappyjacky said... much learning, must be the teacher in you working overtime!!!!!

sharyncarlson said...

Love the photos of their feet, and how you've bulleted your list of learning.