Sunday, 19 September 2010

Lie ins, lost socks and laziness

A quick catch up of lessons learnt on 18th September:
  • It's so good to be able to turn the alarm off at the weekend!
  • I'm so lucky to have my darling The Doctor xx
  • Our odd sock collection has grown again....?
  • Oh dear. My OCD tendencies regarding how the dishwasher should be loaded and how things should be put away (especially cutlery and mugs) are clearly not improving over time
  • I forgot to take a food pic for my Project 365 on the 15th! How did that happen?! Luckily I can remember that I had some toast for supper that day so I can set up a shot to fill in the gap...
  • I love my blog family :-)
  • The parenting thing. It is hard at times. And this time I learnt it through personal experience!
  • Aaargh, eBay is SUCH a faff! But I've finally got a batch of items ready for listing...
  • Gosh, Messy Church is a bit overwhelming - so many people, and a lot of noise!
  • But it's also a lot of fun for The Girl
  • There is a biscuit underneath the icing (or so I'm told....)
  • I haven't forgotten how to make a friendship bracelet, even after all these years!
  • Hereford conceded a goal right at the end of the match :-(
  • It's so lovely when The Doctor gets dinner :-)
  • Plasticine sales have increased by 50% in the last 2 years! I love that :-)
  • I'm actually lazy enough to phone The Doctor rather than walking to the next room to talk to him....
  • I love being silly with The Doctor :-)


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Well your The Doctor is really making some points lately! ;o)

It was fun to see your friendship bracelet! I haven't made one of those in years. I loved making them, as well as a few macrame pieces too. xo

Ruth said...

Telephoning The Doctor? Tsk, tsk! I love seeing how many things are on your daily list. The 30 lists will make a perfect snap-shot of your life in September 2010.

Cheri said...

phoning The Doctor? my kids will either holler, or text. Me, I still go looking for people.

scrappyjacky said...

Phoning the next room....shame on you,Mel!!!!!
I didn't realize they still made plasticine!

Rhona said...

I haven't phoned the next room but I have phoned upstairs when the children are in their bedrooms and have music on ;o).
I've never made a friendship bracelet but like the look of yours.
Hope you've had a great weekend, unfortunately, that alarm clock is going to wake me at 6am again tomorrow! :o(

Mary B said...

Your post today has made me chuckle
love the messy church Icing sugar biscuit.

phoning The Doctor from the next room very lazy indeed :D

Love the Odd Sock Parade

I am in complete agreement about how the dishwasher should be loaded in a certain way especially the cutlery

I wonder why plasticine sales have gone up so much

thanks for the chuckles

Jo's Place said...

Oh My Goodness, friendship bracelets. I can't remember how to make them but remember them being so much fun.

And, oh yes what is it with odd socks, drives me slightly mental!

Ladkyis said...

Odd socks are caused by sock dragons. They are very small are sock dragons and they steal socks to make a nest. They only need one but because they are dragons they sometimes forget and breathe some too hot air and then they need to find a new nest. They never take the other sock as that is too boring. (they can sound like a mosquito when flying but don't be fooled)

Sian said...

I love the thought that plasticine sales have gone up! Maybe play do will have a come back too - I always liked the smell of it better.

I think I might be learning more from other people than I am from myself :)

melody said...

that cracks me up about the socks!
love that friendship bracelet ~ that brought back memories!

Ange Moore said...

Hey, aren't the sock on the left and the sock second from the right a pair?

I love that you take pictures of your odd socks to share with the world!!

Ange Moore said...

Hey, aren't the sock on the left and the sock second from the right a pair?

I love that you take pictures of your odd socks to share with the world!!

Rachel Brett said...

Wow the frienship bracelet brings back memories, I have a tin full of the ones I made in my teens....Somewhere! *It may be in the loft :( * :)