Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Happy dances and haircuts

The learning continued on 7th September!
  • THAT junction is still really bad and takes forever to negotiate out of :-(
  • I can't find my LSNED photos???
  • *doh!* Oh yeah, I put them in a folder called 'To print'....
  • Remove colour cast is a fabulous tool :-)
  • It's ME!!!! In the prompt!!!! That's MY page!!!!!!!
  • It's possible to laugh, cry and *happy dance* all at the same time :-)
  • The Doctor doesn't 'get' the *happy dance*....
  • When something lovely happens, it enhances the pleasure so much when other people are really happy for you :-)
  • My little birdie pot that I decorated is so cute!
  • All about 'eating frogs' (see here and here, and also here)
  • My favourite part of a haircut is the head massage during the shampooing and conditioning
  • I needed that! That's better :-)
  • Shorter hair does suit me better
  • I need more patience. NOW!
  • Always carry an umbrella with you
  • It's lovely when someone notices your new haircut!
  • It's such fun to make cards but it always takes longer than I expect, especially when I try to do 4 different designs at once while simultaneously re-organising my craft space, blogging and blog-hopping, and catching up on the class forum
  • The journey to Brownies is much quicker when The Girl scoots
  • You're never too old to scoot! ;-)
  • The Doctor got his best ever score in a round of golf today, yay!
  • Whodunit in The Pale Horse
This will be another day that I'm glad I'm doing a paper and a digi version of the project - not sure how I'm going to narrow this down to two different lessons but a layout will follow once I've made up my mind!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Great lessons today. I'd paper l/o the scooter/brownie shots; digi the the haircut and put the bird in project 365. Not that you asked for input or anything . . . LOL!

humel said...

lol Rinda! I didn't, but comments and opinions are welcome :-) (Just as long as no-one is then offended if I don't follow their advice, anyway!!)

The thing is, I've been recording every other haircut this year in Project 365 so I kind of want to continue that. Being featured in Shimelle's prompt had a HUGE impact on me and kept me smiling all day, so I do feel I need to commemorate that somewhere... And I really like my umbrella shot. But then, I like the scooting story and photos, too. And how could I leave out my birdie?! I may need to make a fair few layouts....!

Rhona said...

I was just going to suggest a few layouts might be needed - you've certainly got plenty of material for them :) I love the new shorter hair cut, it really suits you xx

Denise said...

Love the hair,and it's lovely to see one of your pages in a prompt and a happy dance has to be done !You sure have some material for some super layouts :-) I am so going to try and get a grip on digital x

Cheri said...

Love the haircut and loved seeing your page (so original!) in Shimelle's prompt. Happy dancing occurred in the USA in your honor. And you know Mel, I'll happy dance with you any day! ;)

debs14 said...

There's nothing like a good happy dance!
Hair looks sleek and shiny and fab. Great to see another self portrait!

Miss Smith said...

I love to happy dance!

Also, I adore that pic of the umbrella - it's so beautiful and vibrant.

And congratulations on being in the prompt!

scrappyjacky said...

Happy dancing is obviously catching!And I too can see a few LOs being needed [and we're only on the 9th] maybe many LOs!!Agree with Rinda on the Brownie/scooter though.

Amy said...

Mel the haircut is fabulous! Mine's tonight - I'm not expecting miracles though, I'm growing it out - at least the grey will be covered!

We must be on the same wavelength with the posting of umbrella's on the forum today ;-)

You have enough scrap material to last you for ages .... now you need to find the time to do them all!

Cheryl said...

sorry for the absence Mel but I am back now I love your new short hair style it realy suits you. Wow you have been busy what's new lol x

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Hey! That's so cool that your layout was part of Shimelle's prompt. :o)!!!

I'm enjoying reading your list of things you are learning, Mel, as well as admiring your photos. LOVE the one of the umbrella!!! xo

Rachel Brett said...

Your haircut looks good Mel, I had my haircut on the 6th and is also part of my LSNED for that day.

Also..... a big CONGRATS for appearing in the prompt, it's so exciting isn't it? :)

Ladkyis said...

Love the hair, LOVE the T-shirt. envy you all that learning, don't envy you having to choose which to use.