Saturday, 18 September 2010

Free gifts and forgetfulness

You guys :-) Thank you so much for all your kind words yesterday! I'm feeling a bit better today; still not fully into the project somehow, but I'll keep noting down those lessons - whether I love my pages or not, the albums I make and the posts I write will be a record of September 2010 and it's so interesting to look back on September 2009 so I know the same will be true of this month! I really appreciate your support and encouragement xx

Here's a round-up of what I learnt yesterday:
  • It's so good to be back at my women's Bible study group :-) I've missed it over the summer
  • I need more patience and tolerance. Still working on this
  • There may not be a way out of a situation, but there's always a way through it
  • You can have too many people in a Bible study! It can mean that a few people dominate, and some don't say anything at all
  • Parenting is so hard at times (and yes, I feel that too, but this particular lesson is out of sympathy for a friend who's having a rough time right now xx)
  • There are now 18 people signed up for my papercrafts class! :-)
  • The Doctor's new glasses are ready, must remember to tell him so he can collect them tomorrow
  • Unexpected free gifts with a purchase are so lovely! :-)
  • Darn it. Non-stick scissors can still get very sticky...
  • I forgot to do my Wordle again! *doh!*
  • The Boy forgot to give in his trip money, just found it on the car seat *sigh*
  • People are so lovely and encouraging and sweet and kind :-)
  • Even at age 10, The Boy can get tired out by the return to school and it can make him a bit fragile and emotional
  • 6 small bananas are about the same as 4 medium bananas
  • There's multi-tasking and there's ridiculous!!
  • When The Girl has a friend over it gives The Boy a break
  • Sometimes the word placement in a Wordle can be a bit unfortunate!
  • Mmmm, Galaxy chocolate is yummy....
  • Even if I am pretty good at improvising, having the right tools for the job does make that job easier!
  • Don't assume that because it looks like about half a packet of pasta you must have used half of it last time and so there'll be the right amount for this time too...
  • It's so lovely to settle in for the evening and watch a film with my The Doctor xx


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I love this, Mel: "There may not be a way out of a situation, but there's always a way through it." It reminds me of something else I've heard that goes, "It will all be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end."

Glad you are feeling slightly better today! Get some rest this weekend. xo

Sian said...

I can remember a wobbly ten year old tearfully asking me what would happen when he was too big to sit on my knee (answer: maybe I'll sit on yours). Sometimes they seem big, and sometimes they seem little .

Hope you have a good weekend.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I have that pasta problem all the time.

scrappyjacky said...

Glad you're feeling better,Mel....and even at 20 DD still has wobbly moments when she says 'can I come and spend the night with you'.

Liberty :) said...

i have lost my LSNED mojo, it is because I am behind in the class and I don't like it. Are you behind too? Shall we be behind together and catch up together?

Ladkyis said...

Liberty, No such thing as being behind, there can be 'not doing things as fast as everyone else but in this class we don't ever get left behind. Make the notes and then do the pages when time allows - it's your book so only you can say what's right or wrong.

Mary B said...

It is indeed good to get back to bible study with your church family. Our ladies meeting Footsteps will be next Saturday and it seems such a long time since the last one.

God doesn't take us out of situations but he does walk through them with us.

Sarah said...

What a lot of lessons for one day! Hope things continue to improve for you xx