Sunday, 5 September 2010

Football and friendship

I love this class :-) It amazes me how much there is to learn every day just by keeping my eyes open and noting things I'd otherwise pass by! It helps me to appreciate my life, to take stock, to not take things for granted.... Here are some things I learnt yesterday:
  • The Girl's woken up in a good mood! This is good news :-)
  • I'm so lucky to have my The Doctor xx
  • Our online car service booking went astray. *sigh* Luckily they can fit us in next Saturday...
  • What my surprise is from Ally after her recent blog quiz :-) Thanks, Ally!
  • I hate answerphones!! (This is not news to me, or to anyone who knows me...)
  • We have too much stuff (Ditto...)
  • The Boy's friend is nearly as tall as I am!! He's only 10 years old!!
  • One of the best things about an Indian takeaway is that there are enough leftovers for lunch the next day :-)
  • Oops - the lids of the takeaway tubs are not, it appears, ovenproof...
  • The Saturday newspaper will be a good source of facts and lessons!
  • I have 3 lbs of bacteria living in my guts???
  • The Boy gets VERY silly and VERY shrill when he has a friend over
  • It'll probably cost about £500 to have those jobs done in the garden. But it'll be worth it
  • Flippin' football
  • Concentrate or you'll make silly mistakes!
  • There's a bar of chocolate at the back of the cupboard! How did that happen? (Shades of Stacey...)
  • It's fun cooking with The Girl :-)
  • Ahem. I just learnt that I should really tidy my kitchen before I photograph it *blush*
  • Maybe I should have lined the baking tin, even though the recipe didn't say too...
  • Sometimes an evening vegging in front of the X-Factor is just right
  • I love Clair! I reckon she's a keeper, folks ;-)
  • Sleep is proving elusive tonight
Today I have mostly been learning about not having enough time, so I haven't done my digi layout yet; meanwhile, here's a layout I made of The Children's feet using the template I created (still available for free download to anyone who wants it!)


Maria Ontiveros said...

I love this class, too! Besides being more aware, I find that I am learning from my classmates - started to edit and upload my photo backlog b/c of Stacey's post, for instance.
Learned about the bacteria from yours - ewwww!

Miss Smith said...

I want to share the class love too!

I am also experiencing massive take-away envy. And so is my tummy.

scrappyjacky said...

But what I want to learn is....are they good bacteria or bad bacteria????

Clair said...

Aww. You'll make me blush! And I've just noticed that I also have my own tag on your blog. Mwah x

PS. How big is that first hug going to be when I next see you?
PPS. Huge!

SarahLP said...

What a lot of learning! I rather like seeing your messy kitchen.. you should see mine, it is quite literally a tip at the moment! Building works, not (just) general slovenliness I hasten to add! ;o)

Rachel Brett said...

You are right Mel, that is definitely the best bit of an indian take-away!!! Loving the back to school picture too :)

Scrappi Sandi said...

Great post...lots of chuckles as I read through!!!

I'd also like an answer to the Good or bad bacteria question!!!

Hope you get a good nights sleep!!

Amy said...

Mel I love this class too - for the same reasons!
Your template is fabulous ... look out for it at a blog near you soon ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your list is a great insight into your day as well! I'm enjoying them.

Sian said...

Great post! I love this class too.

jillconyers said...

I knew I would regret not taking this class, but it's impossible to take all the classes I want to take.

I may have already mentioned this but I love the perspective of your feet photo.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

:o) Hi Mel ~ I'm catching up over here...have been trying to stay off the computer and rest my shoulder from "mousing around." I love reading your list of things you are learning. Had to LOL at your "flippin' football" reference. Football season is right around the corner for us (although I think your "football" is what we call "soccer" and our football is a bunch of men in protective gear with an odd shaped ball running around and tackling each other.

And don't feel bad about your kitchen photo! I'm sure you'd see that from most of us if you took a quick peek into our kitchens. :o)

Cheri said...

I'm glad you didn't clean the kitchen first! It is nice seeing you (well The Girl) in your real setting. And I'm loving being a part of LSNED with all of you!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Probably you should just eat the chocolate bar.

Trust me on this. Just eat it.