Thursday, 16 September 2010

Dentist, The Doctor and some don'ts

So, what did I learn on 15th September?
  • I'm getting a cold :-(
  • Some mornings it's really hard to get going!
  • Oh yes, conkers repel spiders! I had come across that before but I'd totally forgotten. Must fill The Girl's room with conkers...
  • How to make a particular recipe I want to try (will share once I've had a chance to test it!)
  • The tumble dryer works so much more effectively if it's actually switched on.... *doh!*
  • The tickets for the Tim Holtz workshops sold out in 33 MINUTES!! It took just over half an hour for me to get my order processed, due to slow loading up of pages, error messages, my shopping cart emptying itself at one point so I had to start again, and me being all fingers and thumbs... I was SO LUCKY!!
  • That book I ordered is bigger than I thought

  • If you just get on with it, you can get stuff done despite feeling under the weather
  • I get cross when people pull out in front of me, even if I was planning to let them through
  • It makes me happy when my shopping comes to a round figure! (Especially when that round figure isn't £100+...)
  • Ikea will plant 1 square foot of forest on my behalf every time I swipe my Ikea Family card! Isn't that nice? :-)
  • Much as I want to keep waste down, I find it much harder to read long documents on a screen. I prefer paper copies
  • Bother, the next Governors' Forum meeting is on The Boy's birthday
  • Twitter is dangerous...
  • Always remember your umbrella!!
  • Don't assume. Don't jump to conclusions. Don't expect something to happen in a particular way. You don't know the full story
  • And don't be pushy!
  • Summer is over... It's now completely dark by 8pm
  • The Girl really hates going to the dentist
  • Time spent doing nothing with my The Doctor is a good use of time xx
  • Don't assume that because you did your week's planning at the weekend, you're completely ready for the next day's teaching! Always check it all the night before! This will make it less likely that you'll suddenly remember something you didn't do, after you've gone to bed...


helena said...

laughing at the last one - I've been there so often - what is it about being warm in bed that triggers memories of things that need doing?

Ruth said...

That's a beautiful shot of your hands. And keep an eye on that cold ~ don't wait 5 weeks to get it sorted out!

Mary B said...

I love that last photo hope you scrap that one.

debs14 said...

Hope you feel better soon. One of the hazards of working in a classroom full of germy children!

Cheri said...

Feel better soon Mel! And should I assume we are going to be hearing about Tim Holtz from now until the class actually occurs??? ;)

Love the hand shot! Hope you have special plans for that one.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Get well quick, Mel!!! No fun being sick! xo

Make My Day UK said...

ok, one thing - PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE GET TWITTER! IT IS SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! so quick and easy, less time consuming thaN FB!

ps - lovely photo get well soon, i dropped you an email earlier, but it really doesnt need a reply, I was rambling!

jillconyers said...

I enjoy your Learn Something New updates. Wow 33 minutes! You ere lucky with Tim's class.

melody said...

oh..i love the 'hand' photo..beautiful shot chickie!
hugz..hope you're feeling better

Amy said...

The hand picture is a really good one Mel .. must try that myself.
You're tweeting? I opened an account for a CZ class .. why else? Haven't used it since - spend enough time around cyberspace as is .... maybe when the kids are into that stuff I'll get into it again??

Sian said...

Great hands photo! Twitter? No way! I'm not spending anymore time on the computer..Hope you feel better soon, that's the problem with the beginning of term. Too many germs.