Monday, 20 September 2010

Culinary disasters (averted), cupcakes and a catch up of mini pages

I don't seem to have taken many photos again yesterday... I'll have to think about what lesson I want to scrap and see if I've got a photo to match or if I need to 'stage' one! Here's what I learnt:
  • Mmmmm, hooray for another lie in :-) It was 9.30am when I woke up!
  • Oops, it's my friend's birthday today...
  • This service is clearly going to finish early!
  • Our House Group will be providing South African food at the international supper next month
  • Yay, my friend has found my blog! How lovely to receive a comment from her :-)
  • What ICT I'm teaching tomorrow (and that it feels good to finish my preparation before dinner for once)
  • It's hard for the poor The Boy to do his homework, especially timed tests, when The Doctor and The Girl are playing noisy games in the other room...
  • ...and it's hard for him to do it when he's so tired, poor poppet xx
  • The New Hamster IS actually OK, but oh boy can he sleep soundly! He had me worried when tapping on the bars, blowing in his face and even shaking the cage couldn't rouse him!
  • Oops - I've overcooked those potatoes rather.... They're not exactly 'parboiled'! Roast mash anyone...?!
  • Eek! I'm going to have to bake those cupcakes TODAY if I want to have time to decorate them ready for Tuesday!!
  • Roast mash is actually really yummy!!
  • And draping bacon rashers over the chicken before roasting not only adds flavour to the chicken and the roast potatoes, it also provides lovely crunchy pieces of bacon as an extra to your roast dinner :-)
  • Blimey, this recipe makes a lot of cake mixture! I think when it says '24 cupcakes' it means '24 muffins'...
  • They need longer to cook than the recipe says, too
  • They seem to have worked though! And they'll be even better with icing :-)
  • This week is going to be VERY busy (especially Tuesday....)
  • I can make 7 mini pages for my LSNED paper project and feel much happier with them now I've mentally adjusted my approach :-)
Yes, many thanks to all of you for your supportive comments when I shared my first batch of paper pages and my thoughts on them; you were all so lovely and so kind :-) Special mention to Rinda, whose comment sparked the idea that has become my new approach: I am now 'interpreting each lesson artistically', by making a background inspired by the lesson learnt. In some cases this is harder than others, but I'm just going with it and seeing what happens, and taking this as my first baby steps into art journaling (good preparation for an art journal I have in the pipeline!) I also want to thank Kate who encouraged me to actually get on and make some pages last night - thanks, hun! xx

So, even if I'm not thrilled with each page in that they're not beautiful miniature scrapbook layouts as per Plan A, I'm enjoying exploring ideas and being imaginative as per Plan B (which really has now become Plan C, but why keep things simple when you can overcomplicate, eh?!)

I used a trimmed down mini muffin case as a 'paper plate' for my curry; black acrylic paint created a 'blackboard' background and white gel pen the 'chalk' for my classroom pic (isn't it interesting how the mind still goes to blackboards and chalk even though whiteboards are now the norm?); for my scooting page I had fun with a child-like drawing and messy colouring in :-)

Day 8's lesson was related to cardmaking so I mounted the photo onto a scrap of paper folded to represent a card; thread sort of suggested a spider's web background for my spider (though I'm not sure how well-stuck-down the thread is!); for Day 11's rainy pic I used drops of Stickles to suggest rain.

And finally (for now), the photo of my hand and The Doctor's is special to me and I will make a proper, special, full-size layout of this one some time soon. For now I just added my journaling in the shape of a heart (the inky messy background is because this is the back of the Tim Holtz page and ink had gotten everywhere!!)


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Oh my gosh, Mel. I just love what you are doing with your pages!!! Absolutely fabulous! My favorite is the chalkboard one. :o)

scrappyjacky said...

The pages are should be very pleased with them.My favourite is also the blackboard page.
Mashy roast potatoes are also common in this house!!

Cheri said...

IMHO the inky messy background is perfect for the hand page - have to say this one is my favorite!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great pages, and I want too come eat that roast dinner! Looks fabulous.

Sian said...

But they are looking fab! And the whole project is meant to be looked at all together when it's finished so you will love it as a whole even if you don't love each page. I still think they are brill though.

Rhona said...

Your pages are great - what a fun element to bring to LSNED.
We've had roast mashed potatoes before too, they're quite yummy :) xx

debs14 said...

Impossible to choose a favourite when they are all so good. I do love the hand holding photo though!

JO SOWERBY said...

loving the artistic approach mel especialy the last page
Jo xxxx

Mary B said...

All the pages are very special I love them all, can't really pick a favourite but I live the blackboard effect and the childlike drawing is great. the spiders web was a brilliant idea as are the stickles raindrops.

Miss Smith said...

I love the blackboard idea! I am SO using this for one of my LSNEDs.


With permission, obviously.

Scrappi Sandi said...

I've just caught up on your last three posts! LOL at the dishwasher comment...I too am so OCD about loading!! That roast made my mouth water...crispy bacon...mmmmm!

Your LSNED pages are fabulous...I especially like the paper case as a plate idea!! But my favourite is the holding nands one...perfect!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Wonderful pages! Love the blackboard one and the one after it!

I never manage to boil potatoes properly. It's always mashed.

melody said...

whoa..those KEWL em!

Amy said...

Mel, I think this has turned into a fantastic project. Even though you have had moments of less inspiration than usual, what you are ending up with is fantastic! It just goes to show, if you persist with a good idea it will pay off in the end ... oh, and it never hurts to be flexible!
Mel, could you perhaps post, in the cooking blog or here, some of your roast ideas and tips and tricks? Obviously you are an expert with your weekly roast and I'd love some ideas!

Nicky Stevenson said...

I'm loving what you are doing with your pages. Really brings the ideas to life. Great.

Liberty :) said...

the pages are LOVELY! I am so pleased you made them ! send encouragement this way please!

Anonymous said...

Can I have three favorites? The muffin paper page, the blackboard page, and the hands page! I love where Plan C has taken you.

Anonymous said...

Yay! It is me again :-)

I might get around to sorting out a blog thingy when got more time but for now this will do.

Good luck with the looking at schools thing. Glad that is out the way now and my big boy has settled in so well. It is horrible having to make a choice which with the system you might not get any way

Keep smiling xx CDHS xx

Rachel Brett said...

I love your pages Mel and the way you have displayed them.. Weirdly I brought an easel last week for the exact same thing! Great minds think alike!