Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Classrooms, compliments and computer problems

6th September was another day filled with lessons to learn!
  • Ack, mornings. I so don't do mornings.
  • I like the effect of wearing two necklaces together :-)
  • I can set myself up for a fall. I try not to hope for certain things, but sometimes I can't help myself, and then - naturally - oftentimes I'm disappointed.
  • Working an afternoon will take some getting used to!
  • I'm learning this lesson every day :-) People are lovely! I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful friends. Amy made my day today :-)
  • It's good to be back in the classroom! I've actually missed it!
  • My new black shoe-boots may not be the most comfortable thing to wear for teaching!
  • Y6 girls might notice when you've made an effort to look nice, and it's so lovely when they do :-)
  • It's hard to teach an ICT lesson when the computers aren't working....
  • Tomorrow (7th) is the 70th anniversary of the start of the Blitz
  • Lots of things about the first day of the Blitz
  • 're' - is that short for 'regarding'? I never realised that before!
  • These secondary preference forms are a bit of a faff - and a bit scary!
  • We'll find out which school The Boy has been allocated a place in on 2rd March next year....
  • The thrill of receiving your first ever email (through observation of The Girl!)
  • Rain on the window pane with a street light outside can look SO pretty - like glitter on the glass :-)
  • But it can be darn near impossible to capture that effect in a photograph!
  • There's something very wrong with our PC :-(
  • How to do a restore to factory defaults
  • Our PC may be OK now...?


Ruth said...

I thought 're' was short for 'reference' ... but, my, you've been busy learning a LOT!

debs14 said...

I see Secondary Transfer from the other side when I have to enter 300 applicants on the computer database when only 160 can get offered a place. Such a nerve wracking time, it really is a lottery around here. Hope he gets where he wants. Good luck with that form, if you want any hints as to the 'right' thing to say ....

scrappyjacky said...

So many lessons learned each day,Mel.
I frequently learn shoes aren't comfortable....after I've bought them.....how come they felt fine in the shop???

The Creative Beast said...

Oh MY! What learning experiences you are having these days Mel!!

But as is the case, The Teacher will often learn as much, if not more, from The Students =-)

Mary B said...

It amazes me how many things you seem to learn each day. Well done indeed for remembering them all.
Love your raindrop photo, well captured.

JO SOWERBY said...

wow uve learned loads today, i learned that a giggle is worth all the joy in the world and in health visiting there is never enough time for paperwork.
Jo xxx

ps congrats on shimelle's use of the fab LO, now ur proper famous

Rachel Brett said...

Wow, lots of lessons Mel. Hope your computer is on the mend. I decided the other day that I couldn't live without my computer - how sad is that? But I just use it for so much!!

Amy said...

You know, I am so glad to see this picture of your classroom - I had this image of what a classrrom would look like in the UK ... like something out of 'To Sir With Love' or 'The Bill' or 'Teachers' .... the reality is that they are the same world wide - I bet they even have the same smell!!!

I think it is very hard to get a good shot of rain on a window pane - you have done well :-)

I'm so glad to have made your day just a bit nicer! :-)

Anonymous said...

Another great list, and your classroom is lovely. It's the first thing I've seen in quite some time that made me (just a wee bit) nostalgic for teaching. :-)

Amber Letuli said...

Lovely post Mel. I too frequently learn that shoes I thought where perfect are not after that first hour

Sian said...

A great list! I'm loving Amy's comment about UK classrooms - that's something interesting to think about.