Thursday, 23 September 2010

Cameras and cats

Another day with hardly any photos - but see below.... Anyway, here's what I learnt yesterday:
  • My finger feels slightly sore. I hope it's just getting used to the ring, and not preparing for another eczema flare-up
  • Rats. One of the little surprises I planned yesterday got slightly sabotaged
  • Hang on - the photo I just took isn't on my camera card! So the one I thought I'd taken the other day and then couldn't find so I assumed I hadn't actually taken, I probably did take after all. I wonder what other photos have been lost? We need a new camera...
  • I am NOT going to be defeated by a bunch of cats!!
  • Gosh, postage for certain items to certain areas can work out a bit pricey! But it's worth it :-)
  • You can never predict whether Asda will be busy. This time last week, it was packed; today, it's almost empty!
  • Sometimes the trolley will be full of healthy items - sometimes it just won't....
  • Yes, it's a good idea to walk to school when I can. Better for the environment, better for our fitness. But make sure you actually leave enough time to get to school without stressing!!
  • And check the forecast - it's all very well making sure you always have an umbrella with you, but The Children won't be too impressed if you forget their macs ;-)
  • The Children's school photo has turned out well, yay!! Especially as it's the last one of the two of them together in primary school :-)
  • The Boy makes funny noises at the dentist.... He sounds like a cross between a guinea pig and a chipmunk!
  • It's silly to struggle on with loose glasses when they're so quick and easy to get fixed
  • Oh my gosh, I got a direct message on Twitter from Mario, Tim Holtz's assistant!!


Rachel Brett said...

Ooh I hope your camera sorts itself out for you Mel, How terribly frustrating! :)

Crafting Queen said...

Great photos, love the sign. Bet you were excited when you got that message! :)

Cheri said...

Had to smile - I was wondering when the next reference to Tim Holtz would pop up and you didn't disappoint! ;)

Clair said...

You were NOT defeated. Thank you for not giving up x

Amy said...

I am impressed you walked to school! Yay for you and the exercise!
Time for a new camera I think Mel :-)

Mary B said...

Camera trouble is not good news hope you can get another one soon.

What have the cats done to try and disturb you?

Maria Ontiveros said...


scrappyjacky said...

Yep....cats????? Need more information????
Sorry to hear about the badly behaved camera!

Sian said...

I don't like the sound of missing photos Mel. Hope you get it sorted out.

jillconyers said...

How do you keep track of all your thoughts throughout the day? Do you keep track or do you just sit at your computer and blog from memories of the day?

What was the PM on twitter? I'm so jealous you get to attend TH's class!

humel said...

Yes, I definitely need a new camera. I've told The Doctor so! I can't risk losing any special, one-off photos - and with the viewback screen also playing up, I can't check whether a photo I've just taken is actually there, either :-(

Jill: I carry a little notebook round with me and scrawl down notes all day, then write up the notes as my blog post the next day :-) And the direct message was because I'd complimented him (via Twitter) on his fine sons - he was thanking me! I was chuffed :-) And SOOOO excited about the TH class!! I think I'm hiding my excitement quite well though, don't you? ;-)