Wednesday, 29 September 2010

260 of 365

Back to my Bible study group on 17th September :-)

And lunch was some ham and cheese in a wholemeal pitta, lightly warmed in the toaster (Plan A: put into toaster so cheese melts; Plan B: realise that cheese will run out of hole in pitta if it melts fully and may wreck toaster so hastily press cancel and have warm cheese rather than melted cheese!)


Amy said...

I've never toasted my pita bread before - it was a good idea in theory Mel!

Ladkyis said...

Do it under the grill OR even better get those fabby Toastabags from Lakeland Ltd. You can do the most sensational toasted sandwiches with all sorts of runny stuff in them and the toaster doesn't get damaged at all. I love my toastabags. We have had them about five years now and I wouldn't be without them.

Anonymous said...

Your blog always leaves me feeling hungry! I think I'd eat anything you post photos of (is that bad English?)