Wednesday, 22 September 2010

253 of 365

10th September was the training day where I picked up lots of useful and inspiring ideas, and won a sweet for answering a question correctly! ;-)

Lunch was provided - a wide variety of different sandwiches (I had turkey and stuffing with salad, prawn cocktail and tuna mayonnaise). And why yes, that is indeed a jammy dodger you see in the background next to my cup of tea!


debs14 said...

There seems to be a certain amount of sweet related bribery and reward in all schools!
Hope you are impressed, it is not even 7.30am and I already have an experimental yoghurt cake from your recipes in my oven. Raspberry and cranberry flavoured, the raw mix was delicious, can't wait for it to be cooked!

Sian said...

Woa, bit stunned there by Debs baking so early in the morning. Impressive!

Bribery works on grown ups too.

Amy said...

Deb .. how could you see straight to measure at that time of the day? Impressive alright!

Jammy dodger - we don't call them that but do have the same bikkies here.