Sunday, 12 September 2010

243 of 365

On 31st August The Doctor's Parents arrived. They live quite a distance away and they don't drive, so they travel by train whenever they visit us. They can make the whole journey by train but it would mean changing twice, and The Mother-in-Law isn't completely well so that's not ideal. But then we worked out that by taking a slightly different route they could get a through train to a station about 45 minutes from us, and I could drive to collect them there to save all the fiddly changes :-)

(Of course, if there's been an accident on the motorway then the 45 minute journey can become a 1 1/2 hour journey - thank goodness that was on the way back, or I'd've been extremely late meeting them!)

That evening I had a slice of one of the cakes I'd been baking - a raspberry and cranberry yogurt cake:


Amy said...

I'm going to make the cake this week .... you are such a good DIL :-) That doesn't sound nice actually ... you know I mean Daughter In Law and not that you are a dill!

Rhona said...

Sometimes taking the route to the closest station is a lot more fiddly than doing a slightly different route. We've done the same as you before and it works out easier in the long run :o)
As for that cake, it looks delicious - do you think I could point it? ;o)

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I'm sure you made some DIL points. :o) And your cake looks so yummy... ♥

Anonymous said...

My father used to do something very similar when I wanted to come home from college for the weekend. There was no direct route at all. I'd forgotten about it, but I think there's a story there I want to tell. Thanks.

Yum--would like the recipe for this cake.