Saturday, 11 September 2010

242 of 365

Bank holiday Monday. And a very lazy start to the day! Normally once I'm up, I'm up - and yes, OK, I may resist getting up for as long as possible....! But on 30th August I made sure The Children were happily (and safely) occupied then headed back to bed with a magazine, a puzzle book, a crochet hook and wool, my mobile and my laptop - and I just enjoyed not getting up :-) (I did spend the rest of the day tidying, looking after those neglected The Children and baking 3 different cakes though!)

Dinner that night was a tasty chicken stir-fry with noodles:


Rhona said...

Unfortunately, I don't enjoy staying in bed any more, I find once I wake up I'm best getting up straight away otherwise I doze and feel worse for it :o(.
I like the look of your chicken stir fry, I never think to buy noodles to put in mine - I should try that!

SarahLP said...

That really does look yummy! If I was a carnivore I'd eat that.. it's hard work being a veggie at times.. esp when you're a reluctant cook like me (though your foodie pics do occasionally spur me into action in the kitchen!).