Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Overdue thanks

What with being on holiday and then sharing all the holiday pics, I've been putting off this post for a while - and I feel horribly guilty about it! I really need to say thank you to a few people (and I hope to goodness that I haven't forgotten anyone...)

Firstly, I won this lovely prize from Sarah:

See those scrummy Bo Bunny papers on the right hand side? Well, you certainly will soon, because I've earmarked them for my Me: The Abridged Version album :-) The co-ordinating giant alpha stickers may or may not be pressed into service too, but the papers are totally going in!! And can you spy the overlays? My first EVER overlays?! The flowers are lovely, the owls are so cute and that green swirl is just completely gorgeous :-) Plus, some fabby samples of Stampin' Up! products which will soon be making their way onto cards - and (get this!) Sarah sent ME a thank you card for entering!! When it's clearly my role to be very, very grateful here. Sarah, thank you :-)

And also, I won something lovely from Abi:

I can't wait to play with the oil pastels (in the mean time I've had lots of fun just sorting them into little jars according to their colour!) and oh, the colours of those dinky inkpads.... Love pinks and greens right now!! And I rather think they may match some of the Bo Bunny papers, result! And Abi tucked some pretty sequins, ribbons and blossoms into the package too - aren't they FAB? Abi - thank you, thank you! I was so pleased that The Boy picked you as one of my winners, it's such a good symmetry that I can now give you something back :-)

And then, going even further back.... *blush!* furrypig kindly passed on to me a blog award while I was on holiday. Since then, as I've failed to actually get it onto my blog, several other people have also passed it on to me! Thank you, then, to furrypig, and also to Sandi, to Deb and (again) to Abi :-) Please don't think that the delay in mentioning this award in any way reflects a lack of gratitude, as I am so touched, humbled and happy that you picked me!

So, now for a few random things about me:
  1. I'm not keen on feet (especially my own). I do wear sandals but much prefer my toes to be covered, thank you. I love shoes - but not the peep-toe kind! (I got some cool new shoes last week, by the way. Must share a pic some time soon.)
  2. I'll be sleeping on the sofa tonight. (So will The Doctor - we haven't fallen out, it's just that his parents are visiting and we've given them our room!)
  3. I'm hoping to get a new camera soon!! (Woo hoo!!) We need to replace and upgrade the point and shoot; I'm looking into digital SLR options!! (Woo hoo!!) Not sure when it'll be (we need to save up after the holiday) but definitely by Christmas, I think. I hope!!
And a photo I love? With the additional, self-imposed condition that I haven't already shared it with you? Surprisingly difficult! But I found one in the end:


Anonymous said...

A lovely photo and cute prizes!

Mise said...

What good friends The Children appear to be!

scrappyjacky said...

Well done on the prizes...those Bo Bunny papers are definately scrummy....and what a gorgeous,giggly pic of The Children.

humel said...

Ah, Mise, you have hit the proverbial nail upon its proverbial head :-) The Children APPEAR to be good friends.... As I type this, they are engaged in trying to push each other down the stairs. Maybe that's why I like the photo? I can pretend that all is calm and peaceful?

Liberty :) said...

that is totally cute! exciting blog wins!!

debs14 said...

Looking forward to seeing what you make out of those lovely prizes - lucky girl!
And I am so with you on the disliking feet front. I hate feet, mine or anyone elses! Could not be a pedicurist, reflexologist or chiropodist for all the tea in China. My husband thinks I'm weird - but now I have someone else on my side!

Lizzie said...

Wow, what great prizes! I was lucky enough to win some prizes recently too... two Shimelle courses, with extra places for friends! Also, by co-incidence, I won some goodies from Shimelle during her scrapping weekend recently. I'm eagerly awaiting the postlady every day now... hoping she'll have my little package of Imaginisce goodies. Oooo!!

I am with you on the feet. I'm not so keen either. Mine are not great - rather ruined by too many years of ballet classes. One toe bends over so much that a friend once commented "But you don't have a nail on that toe!" I do, it's just hiding :-( Still, I wear sandals - I never did aspire to be a super-model anyway!

the Children look happy in that photo. I love it too - I always love shots of happy children.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Such an adorable picture!!!

Unknown said...

It is my own belief that it is never too late to say thank you (or I'm sorry)... and thus, you are not overdue. :) Congrats on all those goodies!

Ruth said...

Gorgeous photo of your 2! And haven't you done well ~ fabulous amount of yummy-looking stash!

Sian said...

Very, very cute smiley photo. I love it! And a fab selection of prizes, including your award of course :)