Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Learn Something New

It all begins tomorrow :-) I'm excited! I was thinking of how to keep this simple as I expect to be pretty busy through September, and Me: The Abridged Version starts on the 16th, too.

So, I'll be blogging each day about lessons learnt, with any appropriate photos. (That kind of goes without saying, right?!)

And I was keen to do a digi version this year, having learnt so much about digi lately and loving what Amy did last year.

But I really like paper scrapping. And I had such a cute little notebook cover that I'd thought about using. So I decided to do a teeny tiny minibook as well.

Because, you know, I'll be really short of time, so effectively doing this class three times over is such a good idea.


Anyway, here's the minibook cover:

The dinky notebook came from Tesco. Isn't it cute?! It's only 3 inches by 4 1/4, aww.... The tiny pen attached with a loop of elastic is original, too :-) I just added some rub on letters on scraps of card, a couple of flowers joined with a brad, and a photo corner. And because it was already looking a bit battered I attacked it with an emery board to enhance the distressed look!

The inside of each cover was already lined with gorgeous polka dot paper:

For the pages, I've cut some pieces of cardstock a bit smaller than the covers, rounded their corners, and inked their edges. I'll create a pocket or possibly a strip of card to form a box to keep the cards in (I'm deferring that decision!) I was originally planning one card for each day but it quickly became evident that they'd be too thick for that, so I'll have to use the front and back of each - but that's OK :-)

I'll print the photos as thumbnails, add a line of journaling and the date and a scrap of pretty paper, and each day will be done! Except that I want to save up a page worth of thumbnails before printing, so I'll make up the pages in a couple of batches once I've got enough photos - so it's a good thing I'll have all the details here on my blog, right?!

As for the digi version of the project, I had a couple of ideas about it but then Shimelle told us that there would be digi templates included in the class (oh boy, do we ever get value for money?!) so I'm waiting to see what they're like. I have a shortlist of digi papers and embellishments I plan to use though :-)

One more sleep!! (If only I got this excited before the first day of school....)


scrappyjacky said...

And that's how you make it simple for yourself, is it, Mel??!! The little notebook is brilliant...a great idea.
As I'm doing Cathy's class as well, I think I'm just going to blog this one.

debs14 said...

Well if this is simple, goodness only knows what complicated would be ;-)
I did LSNED a couple of years ago and can't decide whether or not to do it again but as a blog version as I'm already doing a BPS course that starts the same time ... decisions, decisions.

Sian said...

Very cute! I'm not sure how far I'm going to get with this one this year, but I can live in hope.

Miss Smith said...

Man, you're so organised! That notebook is gorgeous, by the way.

So excited about the class - it's my first year so I can't wait to see what it's like.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Wow!! Talk about having all bases covered!!! That tiny notebook is so cute...I love the box idea for storing the completed pages! I'm all prepped...just a bog-standard mini book for me!!! But it's been lovely to play with all the scrummy things that came in last years LSNED kit, that didn't get used! Hope you do manage to sleep tonight!! I have haircuts & sewing labels in to uniforms for distracton!! See you in the forum tomorrow!! :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

You're soooo funny! I'll be interested to see how all your versions progress.

Cheri said...

I signed up for LSNED last year, but didn't really participate. So it is new for me this year, but i still haven't decided how to approach it. Waiting to see what those digi templates look like.

And if it comes down to a choice, MeTAV will take precedence - taking that one as an alumni and determined to FINISH that album this year!

Kate said...

Great idea :0) i have one of those...well had my dd pinched it for herself ....dont think she has used it yet though lol.
Kate x

Sarah Nello said...

Very cute!! Looking forward to seeing how yours pans out. :)

Lizzie said...

Yes, me too... I was "only going to blog" my LSNED; then I thought I'd try digi-scrapping; then I had a great journal, that I made a while ago as an experiment.. the book didn't work out, but the covers could be re-used... so, like you, I have removed the book and I'm in the middle of making a mini-album to Paper Scrap my LSNED! So much for not over-doing it!
We can over-do it together then, can't we! Love what you've done with the mini note-book. It's so cute. I bet it will be lovely and it's so tiny you can't do too much on each day's page anyway...

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

that is cute Mel!. I'm doing a mix of blog posts, with & without photos and some digi pages, then I'll get the whole thing printed into a photo book.

Probably. Thats the plan. Hard to say how it will go

paperpocket said...

ooo it's pretty!