Tuesday, 31 August 2010

231 of 365

On August 19th I discovered that I had a tan line where my watch sits! While I hadn't done any sunbathing, we had been out and about a lot - I'm not exactly brown, but I'm less pale than I was!

It was a bit of a shock to the system to have to cook again.... That evening I did some oven baked fish with herby butter, served with new potatoes and veg:


Amy said...

It's great not having to cook while you are away, but, there is nothing like home cooking after a big holiday of indulging!

Rhona said...

Unfortunately I've had to cook all through the summer ;o) but I agree with Amy, when you get home from holiday it's nice to eat home cooked again :) My watch tan line is fading fast :(

Sian said...

A very strange thing happened when we got home - the kids started begging for stews and casserole-y things because they were fed up eating chips when they were away! Made a very nice change.

Great tan line.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I'm fair skinned myself, Mel, and a little color on me seems like a dark tan - at least to me! My husband works outdoors and you should see the tan line he has under his watch!