Friday, 27 August 2010

227 of 365

15th August was another 'hotel day'; the weather was rather better this time, but as you can see it was impossible to find a lounger free - one morning I went down to breakfast at 7.45am and looking out of the window I could see that most of the loungers were already 'reserved' with towels!! And, of course, the people who'd bagged the loungers spent very little time actually sitting in them... Grrr! I was so tempted to round up all these towels and chuck them into one of the many pools!!

And *breathe*.... OK, I'm calm again!

15th August was a big day in Italy - it was Ferragosto, or August holiday. Which meant that the food that night was incredible! It included a gorgeous cake, which we were lucky to arrive to dinner early enough to see in its unspoilt glory, but late enough that they cut it while we were still in the dining room so we could try a piece :-)

By the way - make sure you check back here later on, as I have a very important post lined up! ;-)


Amy said...

That cake is certainly a piece of work!
I will check back later .... I hope this enticing post is up before my bedtime ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cake is gorgeous! And I hate when people reserve a chair but never actually get in it. Same with people who get a spot in the shade but are running around in the sun. Let those of us who might possibly ignite in flames from the sun have the shade. Cheeky people.

helena said...

so frustrating when chairs spend more time reserved than used - cake looks great.

scrappyjacky said...

I know just what you mean about the towels...have been tempted many times myself!