Thursday, 26 August 2010

226 of 365

On August 14th we took the bus to Sirmione, which is situated on the end of a peninsula that reaches right into Lake Garda - this photo is taken looking back south over the connecting spit of land.

When we got there we found a little stall selling fresh fruit and coconut kept cool in a water fountain - we had to try some of the coconut!


Amy said...

I've been following your trip in my atlas .. off to see where this next beautiful place is!

Liberty :) said...

this is a really fab trip Mel! Did it take very long to drive to see all of these places from a base or did you stay in each place? I'd love to do this trip!!

Sian said...

And what did you think of the coconut? I reckon it's one of those things that isn't half as nice as it looks. Dessicated coconut, now thats a different story.

Sounds like an amazing adventure of a trip

humel said...

Amy: You have no idea how much that made me smile :-)

Kate: We stayed in Peschiera, on the south shore of Lake Garda. It was a fantastic base because it's close to the motorway - it's also on the train line which links Milan and Venice. Venice was about a 2 hour journey by coach; the Dolomites day was a driving tour with stop offs but basically you get into the Dolomites about an hour north of Peschiera; Verona was about 20 minutes by train; Sirmione was 20 minutes on the bus. You should so do this trip, you'd love it :-)

Sian: there's a photo in this afternoon's post which may well answer your question!!

Jessica Griffin said...

Oh Mel, it's gorgeous!! So jealous!!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Sirmione. Just beautiful. You have so many gorgeous photos to scrap!