Tuesday, 10 August 2010

211 of 365

On July 30th I made toasties for The Children's lunch. This photo neatly illustrates the differences in their tastes! On the left we have The Boy's toastie: Marmite, and butter on the inside but not the outside. On the right is The Girl's choice: cheese, and butter on the outside but not the inside. And neither would touch the toastie of the other. *sigh*.... (Except that, really, we only have ourselves to blame - The Doctor would have Marmite (blech!) with butter on the outside, I would have cheese with no butter at all (or an empty toastie!), and neither of us can go near the other's choice....)

Meanwhile, I just had a couple of buttered cherry scones with my cup of tea:


Amy said...

Doesn't the cheese on the outside wreck the sandwich maker?

I hope you all like the scones at least! They look very delicious :-)

Denise said...

Yum - Marmite,love it !Those scones look very appealing too -Hope you had a nice birthday x