Thursday, 8 July 2010

Take Three: Take Two!

Thanks so much for your helpful comments on yesterday's photos, here and on the class forum :-) A lot of you mentioned things that I was thinking myself, and several of you gave me new things to think about too - a good combination!

Today I opened up one of the shots in Photoshop Elements and tried out a few things based on some of your feedback. First, here's the original:

One thing that got mentioned was the high level of shadow. I found a way to play with that in PSE - this will be something to explore further, but here's what I did in just a few seconds:

Then I looked at converting to black and white. I've never done this within PSE before so I hadn't realised that there are different versions of the effect! Here's 'infrared effect':

This is 'newspaper':

Here's 'portrait':

This one's 'scenic landscape':

Then we have 'urban/snapshot':

And finally, 'vivid landscape':

And someone suggested trying to keep the colour of the lemon but change the rest to black and white - I was pleased to be able to work out fairly quickly how I might do that!

So once again, thanks for all your input - I've learnt a lot about PSE just from this brief play with effects, and you've given me lots to think about as I keep working on my photography skills :-)

Today's prompt is a scrapping one! No time to scrap today but I look forward to getting a few photos onto pages tomorrow. Hoping to have a layout or two to share with you then x


Maria Ontiveros said...

What an amazing autodidact you are!
I don't own PSE and all the computer stuff scares me. I love the B&W with yellow lemon.

scrappyjacky said...

That first picture has so much more clarity once you've played with the shadows.
For anyone who hasn't got PSE, you can do quite a lot of editing in the free GIMP software.

Denise said...

I'm very impressed at your Photoshop skills,I really MUST learn it -great stuff x

Rachel said...

Good job with these photos. I love the one with just a lemmonin colour. I'm thinking about having the 30day trial for PSE and seeing if I like it.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting post. I love the B&W with the yellow lemon.

Amy said...

Mel, the last effect is a standout!

Crafting Queen said...

Love what you did with the photo, especially the last one.

Sian said...

No PSE here (yet) either, I'm very impressed with what you can do.

Rachel Brett said...

Great pics Mel, the last one is my fav.