Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The last 3...

...books I read?
  • Just finished Case Histories, by Kate Atkinson.
  • Browsed through (and marked a few recipes in) How To Feed Your Whole Family A Healthy, Balanced Diet With Very Little Money And Hardly Any Time, Even If You Have A Tiny Kitchen, Only Three Saucepans (One With An Ill-fitting Lid) And No Fancy Gadgets - Unless You Count The Garlic Crusher, by Gill Holcombe.
  • Before that I read The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman.
...places I visited?
  • While out with The Children this afternoon, we visited the library to return a few books and join in some craft activities.
  • We called into the bank so I could pay in a cheque.
  • Then we went to Co-op, to pick up a few bits and pieces for lunch tomorrow (I have a friend coming round).
...TV programmes I watched?
  • Evil Under The Sun, a Poirot mystery, which V+ had recorded for me on series link.
  • Britain's Next Top Model.
  • Sherlock, the new BBC series - cleverly modernised, and Benedict Cumberbatch is fab.
...things I Googled?
  • 'sherlock holmes bbc' - who was that actor who played Mycroft Holmes?
  • 'gerard butler' - it was Hilary Swank who starred with him in P.S. I Love You, wasn't it?
  • 'asda enterntainment' - needed to check my account there to clarify an item on my credit card bill.
...blogs I visited?
...meals I prepared?
  • Fresh pasta for me and The Doctor.
  • Pasta with arrabiata sauce for The Children.
  • Lunch for me and The Children (an assortment of toast with different toppings, fruit, yogurt and biscuits).
...phone calls I made?
  • PC World (gave up in disgust after getting tangled in their interactive menu).
  • Taxi company (to get a quotation).
  • The Mother.
...photos I took?
  • The last piece of fudge (sorry, Mise).
  • TV magazine for my Project 365.
  • Close-up of a project I was working on yesterday (details will follow!)

How about you? :-)


Anonymous said...

Re the books: book #2 has a REALLY long title. lol

JO SOWERBY said...

loved sherlock and benedict is fab, glad to see u succumbed to the cathy z class tag book
Jo xxxx

emhowl said...

This is more fascinating than television! I too enjoyed Sherlock but I find Kate Atkinson a disappointment. Benedict Cumberbatch is good on Radio 4 as well.

I've printed out my tags but work is getting in the way!

Amy said...

I'm going to google that recipe book because it sounds like a lot of fun!
I have not started any pre-class work for Cathy's class .... I should get onto that :-)

SarahLP said...

Awesome title, that second book!
I enjoyed Sherlock too.. thought you could really tell it was by the same people that made Dr Who.
Look forward to seeing your Cathy Z class work.
Thanks for your very kind comment on my blog! :o)

Unknown said...

Holy cow that book #2 has a heck of a title... but it makes me want to read it!

Jayne said...

loved sherlock too.
incase u never found out, mycroft was played by Mark Gatiss, who co-created the show with 'Sir' Moffatt and was on League of Gentlemen and an episode of Dr Who as well as writing some episodes!

Am dying to read Graveyard book.....any good?

Mise said...

And I've finished 'One Good Turn', also by Kate Atkinson. I really enjoyed it - as descriptive as her other books, but funnier. The long title book, is it worth it, or just a long title gimmick?

humel said...

I'd also read One Good Turn, and also When Will There Be Good News? - Case Histories also has Jackson in it (it's the story of what happened before the other two but I read them in the wrong order!)

The long title book (the title takes up most of the front cover lol) - it had some good ideas and some good recipes. I found it quite cheap on eBay. Maybe try the library? Not sure I'd want to pay full price for it.

Thanks, Jayne - I hadn't found Mark Gatiss's name anywhere, but of course that's who he was!! Thanks again, it was bugging me....

I could see the Dr Who similarities :-)

The Graveyard Book - very different, I enjoyed it, and so did my 10-year-old!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Drat. I wonder if Sherlock will ever appear on BBC America.

Anonymous said...

What did you think of Case Histories? It's on my list and I've gotten some mixed reviews from friends.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love this, and I'm going to save it to respond to later.

furrypig said...

I love the sound of the cookery book, the title actually made me laugh out loud (once I had got to the end of it!!) was it any good??
Just read your comment so might look on ebay!