Saturday, 24 July 2010

It's a mug's game!

I was so thrilled to see Shimelle's layout of different mugs in one of the LYPLYP prompts this week :-) Firstly, it was a lovely layout! Secondly, I've had this blog post in mind for a while - a look at some of my favourite mugs...

Left: Sea creatures mug. One of The Children brought it home, possibly after a school fair. Large size. Great for first cup of tea in the morning. Also OK for hot chocolate.
Middle: Hereford United mug, used to have red detail on it but has been used and washed so many times all red has gone! For coffee.
Right: Wales is Woollyful mug. Again, used to have red detail! Bought this many years ago in my teens, while on holiday in Wales, so must be my oldest mug. Good for hot chocolate but may also be used for tea or coffee.

Left: Robin mug. Brought home by one of The Children after a school Christmas fair. Again, large size, good for that first cup of tea in the morning. Also fine for hot chocolate.
Middle: Hedgehog mug (because I love hedgehogs). Good multi-purpose mug.
Right: Spring Harvest mug. From the year I was a Steward, helping out at Spring Harvest. Only comes out occasionally and nearly always used for milk.

Yes, each mug tends to be for a different drink - this surely doesn't surprise you?!

So, after making a digital template based on Shimelle's layout, here's my digi version:

I toned down all the red papers by painting over them with a low opacity white brush. This one's A4 size; I shall print it and mount it onto 12x12, and may well add some journaling by hand (based on my notes above) once it's printed.

Do you have a favourite mug?


JO SOWERBY said...

i have a huge tigger mug from the supermarket for my work hot drinks, i have a bone chinamug from whithards with a bunny and guineapig on for teas, a big portmerion mug for tea when i'm mega thirsty and sarah's garden wedgewood mugs for everyday anything goes drinks.
Jo xxxxx ps loving the digital LO, your getting brill.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I really liked the mug layout from Shimelle too and just might have a go with it. Doug and I both have favorite mugs and it's funny - I never drink coffee out of his, and he stays away from mine. ha! Carrie just brought me a mug with Mary Poppins on it from DisneyWorld and it's my current new favorite. xo

Tammy said...

NICE page!!!

Rhona said...

I love this post as I also love my mugs. I'll have to take photos and do a post on my favourites. Won't be quite as colourful as yours though ;)

debs14 said...

Phew - I am pleased to lear that I am not the only one who had certain mugs for certain drinks and there are definitely some that are for my use only!

Cate Brickell said...

I'm drinking tea from "my" mug while I'm reading... we have mug/cup issues here, and struggle to find a good size cup to drink from!

Love the layout!

Ladkyis said...

Not long after we set up home together Mr M came home from work with two mugs. He had bought them for 50p each from someone in work "because they will be good coffee mugs for you" That was my Christmas present because we only had enough money for food at that time. Presents were beyond our purse. That was in 1980 and I am still using them both. They hold exactly half a pint and I just love them. Now I have to go take pictures don't I and I am only just on prompt 2 in LYPLYP.

Cheryl said...

Love your LO Mel, and you have some lovely mugs gives me an idea x