Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Depths and heights

I've been rather (happily!) distracted by the scrapbooking prompts and intend to be so again, but I did find some time today to take a look at the photography prompts from this week. They fit in well with the 12 Weeks to Better Photos class I was sort of following (I got distracted round about lesson 3, but did intend to return to it!)

First up, depth of field. The Girl won some plasticine recently, a reward for a good piece of work in maths (that's my The Girl!) - we keep finding little balls of the stuff all over the place, no idea what she's trying to make... I lined some of them up on the coffee table and experimented with different apertures. Here's a collage of the results:

The labels may not be all that clear but they note whether I used auto (with or without macro setting) or the aperture size if I set it manually. I am gaining a better understanding of aperture but unfortunately I still seem to get the best results with the macro setting on auto!

And then shutter speed, shooting up towards the sky. And here's the resulting collage:

This was a really interesting exercise! The auto setting gave me dark lavender and a dull photo overall. By changing the shutter speed manually I was able get a much closer match for the true colour of the lavender:

But I really like the effect of over-exposing the shot:

And by over-exposing still further I got a rather lovely 'faded' shot that would make a great journaling card or background:

I mentioned back here that I sometimes get funny looks when I'm taking my photos! Well, when I went out to take these lavender pics, first I managed to lock myself out of the house and had to borrow the spare key from a neighbour (I suppose those were pitying looks they gave me rather than funny looks....) Then, while not going as far as Laura suggested (she wanted me to lie on my back under a bush just to get a good angle for a photograph), I did sit on the pavement so I could take the photos from underneath - passing drivers will have a story to share over dinner tonight!


scrappyjacky said...

A great selection you've got there,Mel...really like the variety of lavender shots....and my camera does best on the auto with macro as well!!

Rachel Brett said...

Great shots Mel, I think my neighbours think I am mad too after photographing the washing line!

Lizzie said...

Ha, haaa! Your poor neighbours must have had their suspicions confirmed, as regards your (in)sanity! Never mind, there are many more of us out there...

Love the photo collage idea - to show your different attempts. I haven't had time to try these experiments just yet - and besides the weather has been yukky these last 2 days - but I hope to have a go tomorrow.

I like your lavender pictures - especially the slightly over-exposed one.

debs14 said...

I have visions of your neighbours sneaking a look at your exploits from behind the curtains 'what is she up to today?' 'why is she lying on that pavement with her camera' or in the queue at the carvery 'is that woman really taking pictures of her dinner?'
ps my favourite was the really faded lavender shot, that would make a good digi background.

Anonymous said...

I've been caught laying down for a photo in a public park which I'm sure caused quite a few odd looks from anyone who was around. I've given up worrying about it, it's often the best photo I take! You've got a great collection here, and I, too, like the overexposed one.

Amy said...

Mel I love the second lavender shot! I can just imagine the dinner table conversation you are evoking in your area - you will be known as the unusual woman with the camera - perhaps the local paper will do a story on you??? lol!

Sian said...

You really do need to take lots and lots of pictures to help decide what looks best, don't you? That's what I'm starting to learn!

The collage is a great idea for comparison

Maria Ontiveros said...

I found that I really like the highly over exposed shots. I feel like the branches are dancing with the light! I have my post on this lesson all set to go for tomorrow.