Friday, 16 July 2010

Check, Mate!

  • Spot an example layout in the latest LYPLYP prompt, using a panoramic shot.
  • Think 'Aha! May not have panoramic print but two landscape photos would have the same effect, and could use those FOUR landscape photos of The Children playing chess to make a double layout based on sketch!'
  • Discover that of four landscape photos of The Children playing chess, only two of them are actually landscape, the others are portrait.
  • Abandon idea of double layout.
  • Realise can crop portrait photos quite tightly so could fit them on single layout while still using original idea of putting two landscape photos side by side.
  • Resolve not to use white cardstock as always use white cardstock and would be good to vary it a bit. (Plus only have one sheet white cardstock left, need to stock up!)
  • Spread entire collection of cardstock across floor, ruling out most colour choices, then eventually find only colour that seems to work.
  • Spread entire collection of patterned paper across floor, ruling out most colour choices, then eventually find only two colours that seem to work.
  • Remember that roll of fabric tape that have been meaning to use. Discover that colours go together. Result!
  • Arrange strips of paper, tape and photos to satisfaction across page.
  • Decide to handwrite journaling using white gel pen then sew journaling lines to anchor journaling to page.
  • Discover that white gel pen is not working properly.
  • Feel intense relief that tested white gel pen on scrap paper first instead of going straight onto layout as usually do.
  • Find silver gel pen and decide will do.
  • Write journaling. Doesn't really show up. Quote Kate.
  • Get sewing machine out and sew journaling lines. Add stitching along border too. Quite pleased with this effect.
  • Die-cut title and add to layout.
  • Feel quite pleased with finished layout. May not be one of best, but quite like it. Plus have got more photos onto pages which is good thing. Briefly bask in glow of satisfaction.
  • The Doctor comes downstairs to discover cardstock and patterned paper and other assorted mess all over floor. Glow of satisfaction disappears.
  • Promise to tidy up but get distracted by photographing layout and then blogging about it.....


JO SOWERBY said...

ooh i LOOOOOOOOVE this LO, it's so amazing with those fab photos. who won or was it checkmate! ;-))
i love the rows of stitched lines and the writing in white matches the colours perfectly.
Jo xxxx

debs14 said...

It's not mess, it's creative debris! Great layout and I love the idea of stitching the lines for the journalling.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the pictures, love the layout, love how you photographed it and love the blog post!!!
And I love Deb's description "creative debris." I'll definitely be using that one myself!

Ruth said...

I love how you have written about this LO ~ very Bridget Jones and very funny!!

Clair said...

And I can actually imagine you doing exactly this :)

Anonymous said...

I love this layout and the photos are wonderful. Your description equally great!

Anonymous said...

I have some similar photos taken at Old Down Park in Thornbury, near Bristol - despite a couple of attempts no LO has yet emerged! I like yours though and your recipes are pretty good too!

jillconyers said...

Great take on the panoramic prompt! And the layout showcases it perfectly.

sharyncarlson said...

wonderful layout! and I love how you wrote this post... scrapbooking is sometimes a rollercoaster, isn't it?! ;)