Sunday, 25 July 2010


No, not me! Well, it is my birthday in a couple of weeks, but as I'm definitely NOT old, aging can't refer to me, can it?

So it must be another LYPLYP prompt :-)

A clear, detailed prompt which enabled me to turn this:

into this:

Chuffed :-)


Mise said...

That's very impressive! Should you try the same on your profile photo so that we may see what you'll look like after your birthday? xx

Anna Bartlett said...

Hey, that's great. Moody, interesting... just like us!

furrypig said...

wow that looks fab! Must try and catch up with class been too busy but will work through all the prompts etc eventually xxx

sharyncarlson said...

LOVE how you've change the image!

debs14 said...

Amazing effect, it has really altered the colours beautifully.
I love 'mise's idea - he he he!
If you learn how to do it in reverse, please let me know ;-)

Rhona said...

Very clever! I was thinking - YOU aren't old!! Lol!! xx

JO SOWERBY said...

i love this picture you have altered mel. i have taken loads of photos around the grounds this pm, well me and my eight year old assistance josh. he went taking pretty flowers etc and i've done a few things on picassa initially and will play more on photoshop.
i think you should definately do the tags, as i have got lots of things down on them and it pre-class prep afterall. you're starting the class until after ur birthday so that is allowed deffo.
Jo xxx

Amy said...

So you should be!

Cheri said...

Love how this came out! I am so hopelessly behind on my classes now I don't think I'll ever catch up!