Tuesday, 20 July 2010

49 things

A while back a list of 99 things did the rounds. Sian has come up with a new list, just 49 things this time - how many have YOU done? :-)

1. Seen The Terracotta Army in China (Nope. The Doctor would love to visit China, while it was never top of my list - though I would like to see the Terracotta Army. Maybe one day.)

2. Cross stitched a sampler (I used to be very into cross-stitch and I've made all kinds of pieces. I still have a Millennium sampler somewhere, which I may or may not finish before the next Millennium....!)

3. Kept a friend for more than 20 years (I'm still good friends with a couple of people from school, including one from primary school - we met about 28 years ago now - OK, I feel old! Thanks Sian!)

4. Made your own jam (After a fairly disastrous attempt at bottled fruit I think maybe the whole area of jams and preserves is closed to me....)

5. Seen the Crown Jewels in The Tower Of London (Not as impressive as I'd expected it to be.)

6. Attended a school reunion and enjoyed it (If my school's had a reunion, I wasn't invited. Now I feel paranoid. Thanks Sian!)

7. Kissed the Blarney Stone (Been to Blarney Castle, but the idea of kissing the stone revolted me somewhat so we just watched some other people do it.)

8. Learned how to tap dance (Nope. I only dance like nobody's watching.)

9. Seen one of the Wonders Of The Ancient World (Maybe one day.)

10. Ridden a tandem bicycle (Probably not ever going to happen.)

11. Commissioned a piece of furniture (I love the idea of this, but never done it.)

12. Sold for profit something you made yourself (Sort of. If you don't factor in the time taken to make it.)

13. Seen Sydney Opera House (Maybe one day. I'd love to visit Australia, and call in on some friends and family over there.)

14. Walked up the outside of a volcano (Mount Vesuvius, school trip.)

15. Met an idol (I met Johnny Ball at The Doctor's cousin's wedding - his family and The Doctor's knew each other from way back. He's one of the reasons I love maths.)

16. Found or sent a message in a bottle (Reluctant to send one, it feels like littering - would love to find one, it sounds so romantic! It would probably be a real let-down if it ever happened though...)

17. Held a stranger's hand, just because they needed you (On our way back from the cinema a couple of friends and I came across a stranger who'd collapsed. We called an ambulance and stayed with him to keep an eye on him. Turns out he'd had too much to drink, which takes the shine off my Good Samaritan story just slightly.)

18. Thought you might have seen a ghost (I don't believe in ghosts and never really did.)

19. Been caught speeding (The key word here is 'caught' ;-) )

20. Won a bet (Sort of. I'm not the betting type, but in my teens I had a Saturday job in a bakery and one year we had a sweepstake on the Grand National, which I won!)

21. Visited a penpal (The wrong way round! A couple of times I've met someone, eg on a school exchange visit, and then started corresponding with them for a while.)

22. Published a poem (In a school magazine....)

23. Had your appendix removed (Nope. Let's hope it stays that way.)

24. Pierced an interesting part of your body (My ears ARE interesting, thank you!)

25. Seen your name in lights (This so has to happen one day.)

26. Had a handsome man buy you Champagne (The Doctor has bought me champagne, and he's definitely handsome :-) )

27. Had tea at The Ritz (Not something I've ever thought of doing, though I wouldn't turn down an invitation...)

28. Found a peacock feather (At a zoo, where the peacocks roamed freely.)

29. Made a collection of more than 50 objects (Um. I'm a hoarder.... I've had several collections of more than 50 objects!)

30. Crossed The Equator (This is a not yet. I'm sure I'll manage it one day.)

31. Partied through til breakfast (Not exactly wild partying, but definitely staying up all night as part of a party.)

32. Found a fossil (But I have found many interesting rocks....)

33. Seen The Northern Lights (If only The Father had lived in Alaska a little longer we could have visited him there - he saw them on several occasions!)

34. Built your own house (This one won't happen. Don't have the skills or the desire.) (*Edited: Thanks to Rachel, whose comment made me rethink this one! I have indeed built my own craft house(s). And more than that, I may not have built my house, but I've built my home.)

35. Started a Mexican Wave (I've only a couple of times taken part in one! I remember one science lesson, when the teacher popped out for a minute, we started one round the lab; then he came back suddenly so we turned it into a Mexican Cough. Poor guy...)

36. Judged a competition (As a teacher and as a leader of various children's groups I've been involved in judging several competitions.)

37. Flown in a hot air balloon (This used to be something I really wanted to do, but my vertigo has increased with age and I don't think I'd enjoy it now.)

38. Spent too much money on something you've only worn once (The only really expensive item of clothing I've ever bought was my wedding dress, and I don't feel I spent too much on it!)

39. Scored an own goal. Figuratively or otherwise (Oh yes. Figuratively, not otherwise.)

40. Appeared on live tv (No, all my appearances were taped...)

41. Asked for your money back (A couple of times. I'm quite good at complaining - only ever when it's justified, of course - so I have had discounts and vouchers as well as refunds, at various times.)

42. Had your photo taken with someone famous (Famous is relative, right?! Somewhere I have a photo of me with David Wilkie. I'll be impressed if you can tell me who he is...)

43. Grown your hair long enough to sit on (Not quite. It did reach quite far down my back though.)

44. Been locked in somewhere overnight, or long enough for it to start getting scary (Not that I remember, which probably means no, as if it did happen it clearly wasn't scary enough!)

45. Found something valuable and made sure it was returned to its rightful owner (I've found keys - the car and house the keys belonged to were valuable. I've also found a wallet which may not have had much money in it but I'm sure the other contents were precious to the owner. Both times I handed them in at police stations so I hope they were returned OK.)

46. Taken part in some kind of endurance event or attempt (Teaching counts, right?)

47. Driven from one end of your country to the other (I haven't even visited the top end of my country. I've done some pretty long drives, but never any that have taken more than a day.)

48. Been publicly recognised for bravery or special community service (Clearly this is well overdue!)

49. Gone out on the town in an outfit you've made entirely on your own (Fortunately for 'the town', this isn't something I've ever done....)


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love your commentary!!!
I was good for 29 of these.

Anonymous said...

Be glad you didn't kiss the stone in #7. I went to Ireland for St Patrick's Parade in college and some of the men confessed that they pee on it then laugh at the tourists who kiss it.

Rachel said...

Great list. Can highly recommend the tandem though, once you get used to two people and a different centre of gravity it's great fun and so much easier up a hill. Also, you have built your own house, but it was a craft one and not one you could live in, surely that counts.

sharyncarlson said...

So fun to read! I love the notes you've added :)

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

:o) I love your list, Mel. Best part about it are your little notes after each one. Have a great day! xo

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Good looking list Mel! I think I did about 7 of those things

Ladkyis said...

You mean the swimmer David Wilkie, right? Now I feel old...

Sian said...

Sorry, Mel, I know I saw this earlier because I was going to make some kind of Johnny Ball joke in my comment but I changed it at the last minute because it wasn't that funny! Blogger must have eaten it somehow.

Oh, I've just noticed you've you've got moderation on this one..I wonder if that has something to do with it?