Thursday, 29 July 2010

200 of 365

July 19th was my last teaching day of the academic year (woo hoo!) I don't normally drink during the week but a small glass of wine was definitely called for that evening :-) (Actually, a huge glass, but it didn't have much wine in it, OK?!)

For part of my packed lunch I'd had some roast potatoes left over from the previous day:


Amy said...

Sure, sure .... that's what they all say ;-)

Rhona said...

Are you sure you didn't just take the photo after drinking most of it ;)

Clair said...

Rhona, if she'd done that the picture would be slightly wonky!

I'd be drinking if I had all of summer off work. Must feel amazing. No, wait, you also have kids. *Sigh!*

Rachel Brett said...

I think it becomes a tradition for teachers on the last day! That's exactly what I do too!!! ; )