Wednesday, 28 July 2010

199 of 365

Yes, it was a week filled with eating out and summer socials! On July 18th we had a big church barbecue. (I don't actually like burgers - I prefer hot dogs! - but this was the most representative shot of the day :-)

I still did a roast dinner that evening, but instead of doing a whole chicken or a big piece of meat I wrapped a couple of chicken breasts in bacon - much quicker to cook!


Amy said...

I think next year you need a new blog ... 'My Year of Food' ;-) I'm finding your meals quite fascinating and often inspiring!

Rhona said...

I like making the chicken with bacon wrapped round it too. My niece told me to pop a little sprig of rosemary between the bacon and chicken before cooking - just adds a touch of flavour. She also cooks hers on top of a bed of sliced tomatoes which is very tasty.