Friday, 23 July 2010

194 of 365

July 13th was haircut day :-) And my hairdresser has been branching out into beauty treatments, so I was able to get an 'eyebrax'* too! ;-)

*The origin of this word is there in Amy's post, though you may need to look quite hard for it! Click on the gorgeous layout at the end to enlarge it and read the journaling.... BUT! Be warned! You have to get past a photo of a spider first!

Lunch was a salad of cheese, apple and celery bound with a little mayonnaise. I've mentioned this as a sandwich filling before but it also works well as a salad if you cut the pieces a bit chunkier :-)


debs14 said...

Looking forward to the next self portrait in 6 weeks time - oh come on, remember, you promised - every time you have a hair cut!

Amy said...

hehehehe .... gotta love a hairdresser who can perform a swift 'eyebrax' while the colour is being rinsed out!
Great idea for a salad/sandwich filling :-)

JO SOWERBY said...

love the new doo and that sala looks yummy.
plus the eyebrows are awesome mel
Jo xxx

Cheryl said...

Mmm cheese my fav, but not so good on the old scales x

The Creative Beast said...

I love this self-portrait, Mel!! I'm so happy to see you coming out and sharing your outer beauty as well as you inner beauty here =-)