Friday, 16 July 2010

187 of 365

In early July I was suffering from another nasty flare up of eczema on my hand :-( Believe me you don't want to see a pic of the hand itself - it looks like I've burnt myself or something - but I wanted to note that this had happened, so here are the creams I'm using to try to keep it under control. (At the time of typing this it is so NOT under control but I'm hoping that it'll have cleared up by the time this post publishes!)

*Edited to add: Since setting up this autopost I've also made a layout about my eczema here :-)

I was also coming down with a cold (double bleh) so didn't have much appetite; dinner was a small portion of smoked salmon pasta:


Anonymous said...

Take out the smoked salmon and I'm diving in.

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh poorly hands not good. hope recovered well now, make sure u moisturise plus plus
Jo xxx

Abi said...

hope the hand is feeling a lot better Mel! The pasta looks lovely! xxx

Cheri said...

I've never had salmon in pasta - seems like a strong tasting choice - I'm going with Amanda on this one - looks great without the salmon! ;)

Ladkyis said...

The eczema on the soles of my feet made its presence felt early in July too. it is also along the edges of my hands. I am usuing the same cream. I am hoping that it doesn't decide to come back on my fingers because that makes knitting a bit impossible