Friday, 25 June 2010

Five on Friday

Just a quick hello - those days don't get any less busy! Here are what my five senses are up to right now:
  1. I can see The Girl beating The Doctor at 10-pin bowling on Wii Sports.
  2. I can hear her delighted giggles and his disappointed groans! (Also The Boy's mutterings - he wants a turn on the Wii, you see.)
  3. I can smell chicken roasting in the kitchen.
  4. I can feel the itch of an insect bite on my leg - why do beasties find me so appetising???
  5. I can taste fresh, cool water :-)
Have a great weekend everybody! Hoping to post my pics from today's Scrap Your Day at some point over the weekend, but we'll see how the time goes.....


Maria Ontiveros said...

I can see the tomato plants in the garden - bushy & green;
I can hear the washer going - always;
I can taste the last of my morning cuppa - ugh it's cold;
I can feel the warmth and weight of the computer on my lap;
I can smell the dampness outside on this dreary morning.

JO SOWERBY said...

sounds like alot of fun in ur house:
1. i can hear my cat purring,
2. i can see the sun shining,
3. i can feel the laptop on my lap,
4. i can taste garlic, had garlic chicken salad for tea,
5. i can smell my cat's clean fur.
Jo xxxx

scrappyjacky said...

I can smell my dog's been in muddy water on his walk.
I can hear the TV in the lounge.
I can taste my percolated coffee.
I can still feel today's heat.
I can see your great post today!!

Amy said...

I can see sun shining through the window - it highlights some of the dust!
I can hear the laundry being demolished.
I can smell toast.
I feel warm but there is a breeze somewhere lurking.
I can taste vegemite.

helena said...

I can see the tomatoe plants on the windowsill
I can hear the birds outside chirping away
I can smell fresh air
I feel the slight breeze around my feet
I can taste coffee

Cheri said...

I can see Mel's post on my computer (yes, that is being real "in the moment")
I can hear the humming of my new laptop and my clicking the keys on the keyboard. Other than that, silence. I'm the only one home.
I can taste my morning bowl of Kashi Autumn Wheat
I can feel the tired behind my eyes - another night of less than good sleep. I can feel the coolness of the keyboard beneath my fingers.
I can smell - nothing - my nose still isn't working too well!

Rachel Brett said...

Right now:
I can see Mel's comments page;
I can hear P!nk playing on itunes;
I can taste coffee, just had a drink!
I can feel my back hurting;
I can smell cleaning products from just cleaning the bathroom.