Monday, 14 June 2010

3 things

Taking up Rhona's challenge...

Three names I go by:
  1. Mel
  2. Mummy
  3. Miss
Three places I've lived:
  1. Herefordshire
  2. Cambridgeshire
  3. Yorkshire
Three places I've worked:
  1. Bakery
  2. Insurance broker
  3. School
Three things I love to watch:
  1. The sea
  2. The Children sleeping
  3. Doctor Who
Three places I have been:
  1. Czech Republic
  2. Tunisia
  3. Holland 
Three things I love to eat:
  1. Cherries
  2. Roast dinners
  3. Cake (especially carrot cake muffins)
Three things I'm looking forward to this summer:
  1. My birthday
  2. Our wedding anniversary
  3. Finishing our stint as Sunday Club co-ordinators
Are you playing along with 3 things? :-)


Heather said...

Oooh I haven't heard of this! I will get my thinking cap on (if I can find it! Im in the middle of scrapbooking clearout)xx

Sian said...

These things are always so surprisingly revealing. I love to learn new little snippets.

scrappyjacky said...

A new game...they're always a bit revealing. We're visiting Tunis this summer....and I definately have a weakness for cake...though not Tunis Cake!!

debs14 said...

Always nice to learn a little bit more about a fellow blogger! Wonder if we ever passed in the street when you lived in Cambridgeshire? I shop there a lot ;-)

Rhona said...

Thanks for taking part in this Mel, I always enjoy learning new snippets about people.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

:o) Love the list, Mel. I'm going to do this on my blog later this week. xo

Anonymous said...

These are always fun to read. I need to get on it myself.

sharyncarlson said...

What a fun prompt! We just finished a bag of fresh cherries -- so yummy!

Unknown said...

What a great list - I might do this on my blog too!