Saturday, 12 June 2010

153 of 365

On June 2nd we went up the Great Orme via the tram - great journey, and great view!

Current breakfast cereal of choice? Shredded wheat :-) The bowls in the caravan were tiny though, I had to break up the shredded wheat to fit them in!


helena said...

I haven't had shredded wheat for ages - always a trick to get enough milk to make them moist but not so much that they are soggy

Sian said...

Yes, and you have to put the milk on first or the sugar just falls off.

Lizzie said...

Sugar, Sian? You don't eat them with Sugar? I thought you tough Irish put salt on them!!
Actually, I don't like sugar on shredded wheat now (though of course I did when I was a kid).
Haven't had them for a long time... maybe I should see if they still do the small packs.

I'm a porridge girl nowadays though - I can't have dairy products (though I still eat cheese - can't live withouth cheese!!) - I make it with soy milk and honey - yummmm.

The Tram ride looks lovely by the way... after all, someone ought to notice your tram photo. Why Are we all so interested in food anyway lol!