Tuesday, 8 June 2010

149 of 365

I *love* the sea :-) We spent half term week in a caravan just a 5 minute walk from this beach; whenever we went on a day trip we drove along within sight of the sea; I'm not keen on spending hours on the beach (I'm definitely not a sunbather!) but I do love being near the sea :-)

For lunch, before we set out to the caravan, we tried to eat up some of the stuff in the fridge that would otherwise go past its best! I had ham and watercress sandwiches:


Amy said...

I'm a water person too Mel - today's foodie photo is so good .... super crisp and clear - love it!

helena said...

love the sea too and that is exactly my kind of beach - walking along a long beach is one of the best things to do ever

Sian said...

Nice sandwich shot!

Love the sea, too

Anonymous said...

Although we got a few minutes and a few photos of the Pacific when we were in California, it's been several years since we've taken a beach vacation. I love the ocean and there's no more relaxing vacation than one by the sea.

The Creative Beast said...

OH! that sandwich looks so tasty!

I love being near the sea, probably why i love Santa Monica and Ventura cities best =-)