Saturday, 22 May 2010

All About Me!

Welcome to our blog hop! Some of us have been working on projects inspired by these notes over at Big Picture Scrapbooking; it's a free class, one of several they offer, so I recommend you pop over there and have a look if you haven't already! You'll need to register with them, but that's free too :-)

But first, please take a look at all our various takes on the project! You'll be seeing a lot of different approaches, a lot of different styles, and a lot of inspiration from this group of talented crafters at these blogs:

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Each of us will point you to the next blog in turn, so keep following the links and you should get back to where you started having visited everyone along the way! Please bear with us though if some of the posts haven't appeared yet, sometimes gremlins get into the works and autoposts don't actually autopost.... You can always call back here to pick up the thread again and try that blog again later :-)

And here's my project:

I used the gorgeously beautiful Sew Grateful kit from Evalicious - if she has any more kits in stock you can buy them from here, and even if not you can get hold of the tutorial here and make it with your own materials :-) I just added a few extra rub ons - Doodlebug Mixed Up Minis and Papermania Honey & Hugs embossed transfers. So above you see the front cover, and here's the first double page:

The left hand side is just a photo of me with a ribbon loop and a label (I've used these Scenic Route labels throughout my album and scattered those ribbon loops here and there too).

The right hand side is my intro page, and contains the most of the journaling from the entire album, as I wanted to keep most of the pages very simple. If you can interpret my handwriting then you should be able to read what I've written, but basically it's saying that I couldn't possibly sum up 'me' in one little mini-book, but that here's a glimpse of a few of the things that go into making me who I am.

The next double page shows some of my favourite treats, and one of the effects of nature that inspires me most and that I find most beautiful:

Mmmmm, Costa skinny Fairtrade gingerbread latte... Mmmmmm, cakes....... Mmmmmmm, chocolate.......... And oh my, look at that gorgeous sunflare! :-)

Next up, no surprises that my blog features in this project! And books had to be included too - but to get the rub on letters to fit on the label I had to overlap them with the border a bit. Which makes it look like a different word altogether. I promise that it is books I like, not boobs....

Look closely - books! It does say books! Honestly!

Over the page, I wanted to look at the theme of colour, but I really couldn't pick just one. It's colour in general that inspires me, though I do have favourites (lime green, turquoise, various shades of purple...) I also had to include my family, The Doctor and The Children are a big part of who I am :-)

For the colours page I shaded little pieces of glossy photo paper with Promarkers and punched out hearts, mounting them on foam pads for dimension. My family page was another of the simple, let-the-photo-do-the-talking type pages.

I love photography! I still have a lot to learn, but I'm enjoying the process. My camera deserved a page in this book too. And Eve's kit came with the materials and instructions to make a little pocket; I used this to include photos to represent all the seasons (couldn't choose between them, I love them all for different reasons!)

I love the stamped double bracket frames! Eve included two in the kit so I used one on the cover and the other here.

And here's a look at the seasonal photos inside the pocket - you'll notice that autumn doesn't appear yet, I'm sure I have a lovely photo somewhere of trees in autumnal shades, but I can't find it! I may need to take one this autumn and add it to the pocket then...

Lastly, another shot of me looking back over the book, and some final reflections:

I wrote the journaling to sort of look like the flower's leaves and the grass. It's just a recap of what I said at the beginning really, and the suggestion that to truly be a project ALL About Me it would need to fill a library!

I considered adding detail to the back cover but in the end kept it very simple:

And finally, here's a side-on view of my completed mini-book:

Thanks for looking at my project :-) Now it's time to visit Rinda at Gallo Organico and admire what I know will be an amazing contribution from her - have fun hopping round the blogs! xx


Maria Ontiveros said...

Awesome Mel! I love your boob; I mean book!

Amy said...

Absolutely, utterly stunning Mel - I love it!

debs14 said...

Boobs? What boobs?!!! Clearly a 'K' in there!
Great book Mel, and I love the way you have interpreted the ideas with fabric.
Can't stop... Rinda's waiting for me!

Cherry said...

Totally stunning Mel - gorgeous colours and the journalling rocks. Thanks for this -totally inspiring. Hugs Cherry XXX

helena said...

fantastic book - love the colours page. Enjoying seeing the variety in responce to the prompt

Cherry said...

I'm back Mel. Totally awesome set of albums - thanks soooo much for organising this - I feel full of inspiration and technique and it's only 8.42am! Off for a ponder. Hugs Cherry XXX

Ruth said...

Mel, I LOVE this!!! It's totally fantastic. My favourite page is the coloured hearts ~ genius, and I had to laugh when I initially read "boobs"! x

Clair said...

Well, if it was a book all about ME I think I'd have to have a page dedicated to my boobs! :)

Loving how the mini has turned out - it was fun starting it with you, but it' sgreat to see it have a purpose and I love the way you've finished it all off with journalling and photographs x

Heather said...

Love your book Mel. Every picture tells a story & as always you have given us something to smile about!! Boob-alicious darling xx

Denise said...

Absolutely lovely Mel,I really love the page with the punched hearts on,the whole project is very inspiring,and thanks so much for instigating this,off to have a look at the others now xx

Nadine said...

love this project of yours. as well
as the blog hop you've organized! (:

Miss Smith said...

Lovely book Mel - you've made me totally want this kit! I love the texture that fabric adds, especially the way it's all brought together with ribbon loops and sewing. Beautiful work!

Nancy said...

Love it Mel....I am planning my next hours in bed blog hopping.....what a great way to spend Saturday morning.

I had the same question about my back cover, and decided to leave it blank too.

Have a fab day


scrappyjacky said...

Great book,Mel....and lovely colours.

Denise said...

Hi again Mel, have just got back to you after hopping wound all the blogs and thoroughly enjoyed every one - thanks again xxxx

emhowl said...

What a lovely opportunity to use the evalicious kit. You've made a gorgeous book, especially the colours page. I absolutely agree, even to your colour choice.

Nancy said...

Well I have completed the blog hop and discovered so many ideas for future projects.

I am feeling this project could become an annual things Mel....lots of us ladies have sequals in mind.

Have a great weekend

Mrsjobee said...

Love your album - especially all the tags and the punched hearts. Wish I had included a photo of my favourite season - it would have to mean winter as it involves snow!!

emhowl said...

I've been all the way round the hop. Thank you so much for the exercise. It was fun.

Ann said...

Great afternoon spent nosing at the projects. They are all so colourful and very varied. Thanks for organising it.

Lizzie said...

This is a great mini-book! I especially like your use of fabric, as well as the lined paper journalling and your handwriting!
I get the feeling you're the sort of person who doesn't like to choose between things you like, just for the sake of declaring a "favourite" - all the colours, all the seasons, coffee AND cake AND chocolate... lol!

This is an exciting blog hop - and so many people have joined in! Will I get time to go round them all today (I may have to do it in sets of 3 or 4 at a time!).

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

This is great! I love how you did the journaling.

I think you like books about boobs. That would explain the whole thing right there

sharyncarlson said...

Stunning album Mel! I love all the fabric and the heart grid is absolutely perfect!

Sian said...

It's here at last! Thank you for all the hard work you've put in organising us all.

Your project is just beautiful..a real advert for the evalicious journals I have been eyeing for months now! Wouldn't it be interesting to repeat the album a few years from now?

Cheri said...

Love the sunflare photo and the way you used notebook paper for the journaling. Your project is great!

Unknown said...

I looked at this last night, actually, after publishing my portion... but was too tired to comment appropriately. I LOVE this book... great job. You are so funny about "books" looking like "boobs". Had me giggling. I love all of the topics you put in there and me going "Oh no! I was going to put that in mine!" like about blogging and family. I guess when you wait until the last minute, like I did, things get missed. I guess that means I'll just have to do another all about me book someday! :) Thanks for encouraging me to join. I really enjoyed myself!

Tammy said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

evalicious said...

This is gorgeous Mel!! Love how you made it your own:).

Liz said...

This is just fabulous. I love all that material. I really must get my sewing machne fixed.
Thank you so much for organising this for us. It's been brilliant :0)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Finally been around to all the blogs, and what a treat!!! Thanks so much for organizing this Mel.

furrypig said...

Fianlly got round to starting the blog hop. Sucha brilliant idea and I hope you do it again so I can join you! Love the understated simplicity of the finished book it really is fab!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

FINALLY! I made it to your blog to see your adorable book and to thank you for such a fun ride, Mel! I've had a house full of company and have been dying to make the rounds here. :o)

I just love the way your book came together, and I LOL'd when I saw the book page and read your narrative which confirmed for me that you did not use "boobs" as your label. Ha! Love the combination of fabric and paper so much!

Thanks again for organizing this blog hop, Mel. It was such a fun project and great fun to see how everyone put their own twist and styles on it. xo!

furrypig said...

just spent a wonderful afternnon looking at everyone's projects wow there is some talent out there adn I am now following a few more blogs too! Thanks Mel for setting this up has been great fun to follow.

The Creative Beast said...

stopping by to check out the results of your project and i LOVE it! hopefully i can stop by the other blogs to see how others completed their books, but i'm quite happy to peek at yours for now =-)

i've got to sign up for that free class - it seems like a REALLY fun project! thanks so much for sharing it all!

JO SOWERBY said...

wow mel u have excelled urself. love this album and all the colours and ideas. chocolate also seems to be high on adgenda but i thought i should avoid it as i am not meant to talk about food!!!!!
thanx for organising Jo xxxx

Anonymous said...

It's taken me several days (sadly) to make it all the way around the blog hop, but I'm so glad I stuck with it. There was lots of inspiration in many different forms and it was so much fun to read all the journaling. Love your album, the wonderful information about you, and the fabric cover is just lovely.

laurie said...

i have really enjoyed seeing what everyone has done with this project. please let me know if you ever do another - i'd love to participate!

stacyj said...


Thank you so much for organizing this blog hop. I LOVE your All About Me album.